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15 July 2010 @ 11:59 pm
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Sin  

Sin is the long promised spin off of the Viceworld Universe, answering the question 'what happens after?'

Sin - The Series

Sin is a Megan-centric follow up to the Viceworld Universe, occurring a couple of months following the events of Vice and Virtue. (Vice Series Post/Virtue Series Posts 1 and 2) There are three novellas planned in this series: Sin, Penance and Grace. Sin was released as part of the first ever Numb3rs Big Bang.

In Viceworld, Don and Charlie's parents were killed just after their high school graduation and Don's eighteenth birthday. This premise shifts them from canon into an AU where they became master criminals instead of law enforcement. In Vice and Virtue, Megan served as second in command to organized crime family head Don. In Sin, Don and Charlie have retired and Megan's now in charge of a company that looks legitimate to the public at large, but behind the scenes tends to the Las Vegas style vices of rich Los Angelenos: prostitutes and gambling. Don's longtime crime rival goes on the attack and Megan must keep up appearances in public as she expands the business while managing a secret war behind the scenes - one that looks to be a deadly battle.

Note: The following Confession sections contain spoilers for Parts of Sin.

Sin Confession

Extended Sin Confession to follow.

Art Credit: Bigbang cover art by mustangcandi (Thank you so much!)

Series Information - Sin

Sin - Prologue, Parts 1 and 2 (Published 7/12/10)
Sin - Parts 3 and 4 (Published 7/13/10)
Sin - Parts 5, 6 and Epilogue (Published 7/14/10)