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Numb3rs Series/Universe: For Love of Country

Let me get this off my chest right at the start: I confess I blatantly stole this idea from ladygray99.

I wrote it having completely forgotten about having a discussion with her in IM about her own politician!Colby bunny. I was mortified when I realized my faux pas and immediately gave her credit, but I still felt really awful - especially when people really liked the first fic.

I was ready to give it up right there and never touch it again.

But a) swingandswirl is a good friend and b) ladygray99 is too.

Thus, more.

I got talked into continuing it as a gift for Tam (swingandswirl) when she won a contest in which I'd pledged fic as prizes. LG, being the amazing and cool person she is, graciously gave her blessing for me to keep using the universe.

I still feel bad about it though, so I intend on reminding people to go read LG every time I add to this series to try to make up for it. SO GO READ!

So, on to the series. It's Charlie/Colby with Colby getting talked into filling a dead Senator's seat and then getting sucked in to running for office. Boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy comes to his senses and chooses boy over a shot at the White House.

Or does he? Perhaps he can have it all... ;-)

Series Information - For Love of Country

For Love of Country - Main (Published)
Forever and Ever Amen - Sequel (Published)
Excerpts from the Future - Companion (Published)
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