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12 August 2011 @ 11:59 pm
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Penance  

Penance is the second fic in the Sin Trilogy. Sin is the spin off of the Viceworld Universe, answering the question 'what happens after Virtue?'

(See the Vice Series Post/Virtue Series Posts 1 and 2 for background on Viceworld. For information on Sin, see the Sin Series Post.)

There are three novellas planned in this series: Sin, Penance and Grace. Sin was released as part of the first ever Numb3rs Big Bang. Penance is being released as part of the first ever Numb3rs Novella challenge.

Penance - The Series

Penance occurs a couple of months following the events of Sin. In this time period the new Luxe International boutique hotel Aurora has opened with its restaurant Ice and its club Polaris. J. Everett Tuttle's case has gone to trial. The organization has fully transitioned from Don and Charlie running it to Megan being fully in charge. Oh, and James has been out of the country so the romance pot hasn't done more than simmer. ;-)

More detailed Confession notes to follow. (Sorry for the delay!)

Note: The following Confession sections contain spoilers for Parts of Penance.

Penance Confession

Extended Penance Confession to follow.

Art Credit: Bigbang cover art, icon and vid by cpwatcher (Thank you so much!)

Beta: Huge thanks to beta melissima

Who's Who in Penance

Guest Star Pairings: Megan/James Grace of Soft Target, Colby/Gabriel of Assassin, David/Olivia of The OG, Matt/Oswald Kittner of Hardball

Canon Pairings: David/Claudia

Canon Characters: Liz

OC Pairings: Millie/OFC (Sandra Bennet of Heroes), Terry/OMC, Robin/OMC, Howard Meeks/OFC, Gary Walker/OFC (technically the sergeant he referred to as his ex-wife in canon)

Characters: J. Everett Tuttle of Democracy, Marshall Penfield of Convergence, Ivy Kirk of Power, Darby Morris of Man Hunt (Officer Morris), Suzanne Stendhauser (known in canon only as Stendhauser), Alex Trowbridge of Thirteen, Dwayne Carter of The Mole and Janus List, Dennis Matthews of Democracy (unnamed in canon but Tuttle's lawyer), Kaj-Jan Chen from The Mole

Real People: Esa-Pekka Salonen/Jane (his real life wife)

Non-N3 Characters: I don't list them all because it's too much fun to have them pop up, but we've got Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds and Jonas' team from The Unit including, amusingly enough, Mack Gerhardt. ;-)

Series Information - Penance

Penance - Prologue and Part 1 (Published 8/15/11)
Penance - Parts 3 and 4 (Published 8/15/11)
Penance - Parts 5, 6 and Epilogue (Published 8/15/11)