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17 September 2011 @ 11:59 pm
White Collar Fic: Neal Caffrey - You Can Leave Your Hat On  
Written for 1character – Neal Caffrey
Theme Set Beta
Crossposted to whitecollarfic

Title: Neal Caffrey - You Can Leave Your Hat On
Pairing/Characters: Neal/Kate, Peter/Elizabeth, June/Byron, Mozzie, Alex, Clinton, Matthew, OCs
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Seasons 1 and 2
Summary: 50 Prompts – 1 sentence each based on the character Neal Caffrey
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

#01 - Package
It steals the breath from his lungs: if Peter hadn't rushed to warn him he would have opened the package on his desk and the bomb inside would have killed him, despite the fact the package was addressed to Peter.

#02 - Obscure
He was doing a great job of staying below the radar until Peter had to go and put his photograph on the front page of the New York Times.

#03 - Skeleton
He tries not to remember his grandmother as he last saw her - sick in bed, not much more than skin stretched tight over a skeleton - and finds there's not much more to remember past that.

#04 - Nurse
The doctor closes the door, barring them entry to his grandmother's hospital room, drawing his mother aside with a 'We need to talk.'

#05 - Domino
It's a bit harder than you'd think to cheat at dominoes, but Neal figured out a way since he really needed the ten grand he won playing.

#06 - Thaw
Sweden is seriously cold and dark in the winter; Neal didn't think he thawed out until he hit Spain and was finally able to unload the ice he'd lifted in the form of an antique tiara.

#07 - Waves
She waves to him from the plane, but doesn't come out and the question of why haunts him almost as much as the nightmare of the explosion does.

#08 - Burglar
He prefers to think of himself as someone who 'rehomes' lovely things who deserve more appreciation than they're getting in their current homes; the words burglar and thief seem so vulgar.

#09 - Frame
He painted the portrait in a weak moment not long after he got out of jail, but now he can't bear to see her gazing back at him so full of life in vibrant oils - so he slashes it from the top of the frame to the bottom until it's in ribbons, until he can't tell it used to be Kate.

#10 - Carpet
He's stretched out on the carpet of a conference room, handcuffed to a chair for some inane reason he can't remember, drugged silly and all he can think is 'where's Peter?'

#11 - Insect
Mozzie plays the hovering annoying gnat of a waiter so well it's a cakewalk to pick the man's pocket; people always underestimate servants and Mozzie always knew how to take advantage of that.

#12 - Mentor
Neal stares at the documents in his hand, almost unable to believe what he's reading: Mentor was made for him.

#13 - Spirit
June recognizes a kindred spirit in him that she says reminds her of her late husband Byron, but Neal never tells her that June kind of reminds him a bit of Alex.

#14 - Wax
"I'll have it washed, waxed and ready for you within the hour, sir!" says fake valet Neal, driving away in the top of the line Mercedes, marveling at how easy some rich people are to con.

#15 - Trash
The thrift shop is filled with absolute crap, deserving the trash bin more than purchase, and then fate smiles on him yet again when June walks in with the Devore suits almost tailor made for him.

#16 - Womb
He was clearly born a con man; even his mother weaseled her way out of paying the hospital bills for his delivery.

#17 - Burn
They've been in the kitchen - laughing and cooking - for well over an hour when she burns her finger on a hot pan causing Neal to kiss it to make it better out of muscle memory, freezing when he realizes he's doing this with Elizabeth not Kate.

#18 - Flash
He holds up the little sign they give him and turns to the side as ordered between camera flashes, in a daze still unable to believe he's actually been caught and put in jail.

#19 - Anima
Yes, soulmates sounds cheesy, but Neal's always believed he and Kate were bound together - meant to be one.

#20 - Gamble
He can't trust the FBI, but he can't do this without Peter so when it comes time to throw the dice and gamble it all, Neal puts his faith in Peter and prays he won't lose.

#21 - Statue
Peter can't stop going on about how unfair it is that Neal gets to drink his morning coffee surrounded by statues and a multimillion dollar view of the city, so Neal pours him some coffee, which is probably what he wanted in the first place.

#22 - Perfume
He leaves his hat on and she's wearing only perfume, but it's a memorable night for more than just mind blowing sex - it's the first time he says 'I love you' to Kate.

#23 - Wine
They would laugh about it, putting cheap wine in their bottle and playing pretend, but Neal wonders when playing pretend stopped working for Kate.

#24 - Reflection
He tips Byron's classy old hat onto his head then turns to look at his reflection and for the first time since he got out of prison he feels like he's back.

#25 - Take
It's not really stealing to take a piece of art the owner never looks at anyway, right?

#26 - Magic
It's just a simple slight of hand trick, but the little boy is entranced and delighted until his mother calls to him from across the park and Neal's left to remind himself why criminals don't have children.

#27 - Fragment
It was bagged as evidence because it was found at the scene, but a tiny shred of paper means nothing to anyone but Neal who knows as soon as his fingers touch it who would have used that specific linen content paper for a counterfeit job.

#28 - Cats and Dogs
They go at it like cats and dogs until Elizabeth steps between him and Peter, shouting at them to both shut up and listen to her and remarkably they do.

#29 - Hum
Jones will not stop humming on stakeout and normally Neal wouldn't mind, but he's just so horribly out of tune it seems a crime to let him butcher those songs so badly.

#30 - Flinch
The gun is aimed at his face, cocked loudly and Neal flinches at the sound of the shot only to find the gun pointed at him falling to the floor and the only gun smoking is in Peter's hand across the room.

#31 - Rush
He should be rushing, running really, to get to Kate at the airport, but the thought of not seeing Mozzie or June or Elizabeth again slows his exit from the city while he pointedly tries not to think of Peter.

#32 - Jester
He's conned his way out of far more dangerous situations, but in this case he's trying to make sure Alex gets clear before he finishes up the lame jokes, the court jester routine to the royalty, and makes his own bolt for the door.

#33 - Haven
In the time they were together, Kate was his haven, the one place he could feel safe.

#34 - Dusk
The wind whips up at night, but Neal just pulls his overcoat closer around him and gazes out across the rooftop view at June's mansion, wondering where in the city Kate is now and why she won't come to him.

#35 - Chord
Elizabeth's love of fine food strikes a chord in him, but he cuts the delicious conversation short when he senses Peter's lost his appetite for Neal's flirty banter with his wife.

#36 - Indulgence
"Indulge me," Neal begs an obstinate Peter, "when have I ever led you astray - wait, don't answer that!"

#37 - Freezer
He fills his arms with strawberries, whipped cream - the basics really - out of the refrigerator then decides to pluck some ice from the freezer to give Kate a cool surprise, chuckling on his way back to the bedroom.

#38 - Passage
It's not the most dangerous walk he's ever had to do, weaving through the prison pretending to be a guard just to escape, but it's the most important con in the world to him if it gets him out in time to stop Kate from leaving him.

#39 - Coast
The Amalfi Coast is lovely this time of year and ripe for tourist-friendly cons at least until Keller shows up and ruins the fun.

#40 - Keepsake
She left the bottle - the one thing she should have kept to remind her of their love and she left it behind like trash.

#41 - Morbid
He stays holed up alone for days afterwards, telling June no visitors period, unable to drink away his grief and unable to stop thinking about how he should be with Kate: dead.

#42 - Shipwreck
He says, kind of automatically, his desert island disc is John Coltrane's A Love Supreme, but it's not true anymore - that album reminds him too much of Kate now to be stuck with it and only it forever.

#43 - Socks
He has to laugh: who else has to match their socks to their tracking anklet?

#44 - Sand
Kate emerges from the sea in Monaco, laughing and wringing out her wet hair, splashing him with little drops on purpose as she lies down beside him on the blanket tasting of salt and sand - and then his alarm clock goes off and he can't keep Peter waiting.

#45 - Coin
He flips a coin, but it's moot - Peter just scoffs and makes him do it anyway - always holding prison over his head even if it's just a joke now.

#46 - Guile
"Who me?"

#47 - Eyelash
She's just sipping her drink thoughtfully and Neal's not sure if his con got to her until she looks up at him from under her long lashes and smiles: he'll have that painting by morning.

#48 - Drive
It's a stolen car, sure, but a convertible after three and a half years in prison feels damn good.

#49 - Net
He walks in to the mobster's lair, despite Peter's admonishments in the comm unit in his ear, completely unarmed and unafraid because he knows whatever hair-brained scheme he cooks up, Peter is always his safety net.

#50 - Destination
Kate pulls him beneath the sheets with her and he slides between her legs as naturally as if he's done it thousands of times over hundreds of lifetimes because this is where he belongs, she is his ultimate destination.

elrhiarhodanelrhiarhodan on September 19th, 2011 10:57 pm (UTC)
These are all so delicious and wonderful, so many stories in so few words.
rubynye: Galaxyrubynye on September 19th, 2011 11:45 pm (UTC)
Oh Neal. This is like a galaxy!
daria234daria234 on September 20th, 2011 05:08 am (UTC)
Love these! Favorites were 13, 44, 47. I also love the dynamic and the characterizations in 17 and 35.
ladydragoness on September 20th, 2011 03:09 pm (UTC)
Absolutely amazing. I loved every one of them. Some made me giggle, some surprised me, some made me think...
ladygray99ladygray99 on September 29th, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC)
These are all lovely. I want a full story out of 9 and 43 just made me laugh.