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20 September 2011 @ 11:58 pm
X-Men Fic: The Beginning of a Good Night  
Posted to erik_charles

Title: The Beginning of a Good Night
Pairing/Characters: Erik/Charles, OC
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: XMFC
Summary: While out finding new mutants Erik and Charles wind up at a black tie party
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Mrs. Adeline Worthington-Smythe is the oldest of all the mutants they've found and as a wealthy dowager, quite used to getting her way. Her way seems to be showing off Charles and Erik at one of her regular formal balls.

Erik is uncomfortable being a favored pet, but Charles is the good guest, impressing all the society party-goers by making full use of his Oxford education. Erik at least tries to converse in foreign languages with anyone who speaks with a European accent - as long as its not German.

They know she won't discuss her mutation until she decides she trusts them and this? This party is their test. If they can pass in her world, she'll consider them worthy of her secret.

Three-quarters through the evening though Charles can sense Erik's impatience. He finds him at a table, drinking champagne and curling and uncurling tines from a fork in the immaculate place setting.

"I can only take so much of being her plaything," Erik growls.

"Put that back," Charles chides gently and watches as the fork straightens itself out as if it had never been marred. "I've got a better idea how to finish off the evening."

He holds out his hand to Erik who eyes it briefly before taking it, his gaze a question Charles simply ignores as he tugs him to his feet.

Charles doesn't let go of his hand as they zigzag through the maze of tables and chairs towards the ballroom dance floor where a couple dozen men and women are dancing to the small ensemble the lady of the house hired to have live music for her guests.

As they approach the group winds down one song and begins a new one, another slow one, and the couples who are already dancing mostly stay on the floor.

Erik hesitates, pulling back on Charles' hand. "You want to dance? Here? Now?"

Charles patiently steps back towards him, lowering his voice for Erik's sake.

"Yes, I want to dance - here, now - with my lover," the word falls with softness and affection from his lips. Charles can feel Erik's reaction to the sentiment resonate in his own mind and relishes the sweetness when it mingles with Erik's own affection. "And if you're going to ask, no I don't care what anyone thinks."

"I was wondering about our hostess," Erik points out, glancing around for her. "We're only here to make her happy. What if..."

Charles interrupts Erik by shaking his head dismissively and pulling him into his arms on the dance floor. Somehow, even though they've never done this before, they fit perfectly and Erik figures out that Charles is planning on having him lead before they've even taken their first steps.

Charles leans in contentedly, letting his lips brush Erik's ear.

"Ah, my love. Don't you see? The illustrious Mrs. Worthington-Smythe finds us utterly adorable because she believes we are a couple."

Erik chuckles then, his breath warm on Charles' neck and suddenly the bow-tie feels a bit too tight around his neck. Charles swallows down the sensation and focuses on just moving, his body so aligned with Erik's that they almost move as one.

Something about the scent of Erik calms him and invigorates him at the same time. It's familiar yet stirs something inside him. Charles' eyes start to fall closed and he focuses just on the sensation of rhythmic movement, of the feel of Erik's embrace and the heady scent of Erik's skin and hair.

The first song flows into the second and somewhere along the way the rest of the world falls away and Charles feels, sees and breathes only Erik all around him. His right hand shifts to slip beneath Erik's lapel, feeling the firm body beneath the formal attire. Adeline had fussed so much over them in their tuxedos Charles hadn't been able to say anything in private to Erik earlier.

'I meant to tell you how how dashing you look in your tux,' he thinks.

Erik smiles and presses an unexpected kiss to Charles' hair.

'You as well,' he reads in Erik's mind. 'Though I'm very much looking forward to seeing the impeccable Charles Xavier with his bow-tie undone and his tuxedo shirt unbuttoned.' He sends a brief but potent visual Charles' way and Charles has to bite his lip to keep from gasping aloud at the rush of arousal it brings.

He sees himself pouring a drink in their suite of rooms in Adeline's mansion just as Erik said: bow tie on but untied, shirt unbuttoned only partway. In the vision Erik, stripped to the point of shirtlessness, grabs Charles brusquely, kisses him voraciously and all but tears the jacket from his body.

Blinking back to the present Charles brings his other hand up so that both rest on Erik's chest, sliding first under the lapels and then slipping beneath to caress his broad chest beneath.

"God, I'd give anything to kiss you right now..." he murmurs, desire tensing his body so much his dancing begins to falter.

"I think that would test even the tolerance of the fine Mrs. Worthington-Smythe," Erik replies with a bemused grin. "But I'd be happy to keep sending you previews of what's to come if that will hold you for now."

"No, I rather think not," Charles joshes in return. "All that will do is cause me to embarrass myself in front of all these people so best to keep those thoughts to yourself - for now." His arms glide up and wrap around Erik's neck and just to keep them even, sends a memory of a recent kiss they shared when last standing in this position.

Erik's eyes close and his own step falters on the dance floor as Charles watches him relish the memory.

"That was a good night."

"That was the beginning of a good night," Charles edits. "Like this one."

The ensemble finishes a song and a new one begins as Erik pulls Charles closer into his arms.

"If we're to pass the time? There may be more pleasurable ways to do so..." Erik whispers the last part into Charles' ear. "But for now I'm content to have you in my arms, damn all the rest of these people and what they think."

"Yoo hoo!" Adeline dances by with a silver-haired gentleman. "Don't you boys look adorable! Do save me a waltz later, will you? I won't take no for an answer!"

"Absolutely," Charles agrees even though he feels Erik stiffen slightly. It's only a split-second later that he realizes Erik is fighting back a laugh, that he's not upset.

"I'm afraid Charles is the only one on my dance card for this evening," Erik pronounces. "But I shall be gracious and allow you to borrow him for one dance."

Adeline isn't taken aback at all: if anything she's delighted. "I promise I'll take good care of him," she mock whispers to Erik then allows her partner to twirl her away.

'You're incorrigible,' Charles thinks over to Erik, despite the smile widening on his face that he can't seem to shake.

"And you're mine," Erik says aloud.

"Yes," Charles echoes, relishing the dream-like quality of the moment beneath the glittering chandelier surrounded by the romantic tones of violins. "I believe I am."

Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on September 22nd, 2011 03:02 am (UTC)
Another kink meme fill - this time tuxedos!

Here's the kink meme info for this fic:

Prompt: Charles/Erik - Formal Wear, Slow Dancing
Fill Part 1: http://1stclass-kink.livejournal.com/7315.html?thread=13294227#t13294227
Fill Part 2: http://1stclass-kink.livejournal.com/7315.html?thread=13294483#t13294483


Emma DeMarais
papercutperfect: James - suit mirrorpapercutperfect on September 22nd, 2011 09:22 am (UTC)
Oh that was adorable! Sweet and sexy and GUH, just perfect. I wish it hadn't ended there (although that last line was killer), I want to see the rest of this night!

Loved it.

Also, my icon seems rather fitting for Erik's imagery 8D
treez_r_green: Cherik Meadowtreez_r_green on September 22nd, 2011 09:57 am (UTC)
Oh this was so adorable, gorgeous boys in tuxes= ♥
browngirl on September 22nd, 2011 04:20 pm (UTC)
Oh my heart, my heart!

*squees delightedly*
ladygray99ladygray99 on September 29th, 2011 02:43 pm (UTC)
I don't think you know how many of my kinks you just hit with this.
Kernezeldakernezelda on May 17th, 2014 05:48 pm (UTC)
Very nice! It would have been lovely if they could dance together like that in canon. *sigh*