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26 September 2011 @ 02:19 pm
Numb3rs/Lie to Me Fic: Spy, Lies and Videotape  
Written for numb3rs100 Challenge September 2011 Rewind – Judge, Charge, Contempt, Guilty
Crossposted to lietome_fic and n3crossovers

Title: Spy, Lies and Videotape
Pairing/Characters: Don, Megan, Cal, Gillian, Colby, David
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 800
Spoilers: Judgment Call, The Mole, Janus List, Trust Metric (Numb3rs); Pilot (Lie to Me)
Summary: After the treason charges are dropped Don's team needs help getting over it
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

134. Judge

"It's for our team," Megan explained to Gillian. "Ever since..." Her gaze went down to her hands folded in her lap.

"I can imagine finding out that your teammate wasn't a traitor didn't exactly erase those bad feelings," Gillian prompted gently. "In fact, it probably brought up more: guilt, doubt..."

Megan nodded. "When it looked like Colby was going to take the promotion to D.C. it didn't matter, but now that he's staying? We need to figure out how to work with him and knowing for sure that he's on the up and up will help a lot."

"You know, love, everyone has secrets," Cal piped up, examining her closely.

"I know," Megan said. "But not all of us are traitors to our country."

"Or pretending to be," Gillian added.

"So what you want to know," Cal stood and paced the room in his typical energetic fashion, "is if you're getting the pure 100 percent unadulterated Colby Granger?"

"That's correct."

"That's not how it works." Cal demanded her gaze and held it. "If we're coming into your FBI office to fix your team? I'm not there to judge your so-called troublemaker. I'm going to be judging everyone, including your boss."

237. Charge

"We don't have time for this." Don charged through the office and picked up a file, heading off at a clip with it until Megan grabbed his arm and made him halt.

"Don, the fact that you're practically running away from me while we're talking about this only proves my point. We can't afford not to do this!" She drew Don in closer, lowering her voice. "We rely on each other to have our backs in the field where trust means life or death. Do you really want an injured agent, or worse, because you didn't do everything you could to get us working together again?"

"Where are they?" Don grumbled.

"The conference room over there," Megan told him.

Don strode over and pushed open the door, Megan right behind him.

"Oh, this will be the boss then!" Cal said cheerily. "I can tell by the posture of authority, the furrowed brow of stress and his expression which all but screams 'we don't need no stinking consultants here - we solve our own problems!'" He turned to Gillian. "Might as well pack up now, this one's not letting us within an inch of his precious team."

"Reverse psychology," Don huffed. "Nice."

160. Contempt

Don sat down across the table from Cal and Gillian with Megan hovering near the door, barely hiding his contempt.

"I hope you have better tricks up your sleeve than that."

"They're not tricks, Agent Eppes," Gillian told him. "It's science. Your brother..."

"Bollocks!" Cal interrupted. "It's all tricks! See, I can look at the lovely Megan over there and tell you all about her. She's clearly born to money while you're just a middle class kid. You may have gotten a decent education with your athletic scholarship, but Megan probably learned more in one year of private school than you learned in your entire four years of public high school. Where did you summer, dear? Hamptons? Tuscany? While you, Agent Eppes, probably ticked off your childhood years with trips to Disneyland and back to New York to visit the grandparents."

Don waved his hand. "Party tricks won't help my team. Show me what you've really got."

Cal leaned across the table. "Just how many hours did you review Agent Granger's confession? How many weeks did you obsess over what you could have done differently? You thought you should have been able to see. Listen to me: you were wrong."

135. Guilty

"Now that we've had a chance to talk with all of you..." Cal meandered around the conference table where Gillian sat with Don's team. "We thought we'd give you our feedback." He stopped at Colby. "You wanted to know if Agent Granger here was on the up and up? Gillian?"

"Colby is genuine, honest," Gillian said, "and truly believes in duty and honor."

"So other than the heaping amounts of insecurity this team has laid on him lately, Colby here is doing all right. It's David you all should be worried about."

"You felt betrayed," Gillian told David gently. "You were betrayed. You trusted your partner and he lied to you about who he was. I can't imagine how that made you feel."

"You think Colby's innocence should have erased those bad feelings," Cal picked up. "But it didn't and now you're stuck: feeling guilty for blaming him and for not forgiving him. My suggestion? Colby lets David tell him off for an hour or two."

"What?" Colby exclaimed. "But I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Simple question," Cal stated firmly. "Do you want your partner back?"

Colby glanced over at David who wouldn't meet his eyes.

"Okay, I'll do it."

Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on September 26th, 2011 09:19 pm (UTC)
Title inspired by the film Sex, Lies, and Videotape. (Oxford comma clearly theirs and not mine.) /grins/


Emma DeMarais
aka DevilWoman, the Thrower of (plot)Bunniesjebbypal on September 27th, 2011 12:52 pm (UTC)
Oh so fun. :) great job.
Candi: Colby - Sexy and Determinedmustangcandi on October 5th, 2011 02:20 am (UTC)
Finally a crossover I actually understand in fandom. LOL. I see all the shiny crossovers peopel write and I clearly don't watch enough TV but I knwo Lie to Me.

This was a very good take on this story. For one so devastatingly painful for me to watch, I can't be mad at the Janus List story line for the fic/art/graphics it continues to generate.

Love the characters. You really had them all nailed. *two thumbs up