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16 November 2011 @ 11:59 pm
Cupid Fic: Winter Wedding Summer Bouquet  
Written for varietypack100 Multi-Fandom Challenge
Emma DeMarais VarietyPack100 Prompt Table
Crossposted to cupid_talk

Title: Winter Wedding Summer Bouquet
Pairing/Characters: Claire/Alex, Trevor
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: 1x01-1x10
Summary: Prompt - Diamond
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Claire gazed down at the ring on her finger, the diamond solitaire shining out from within its dazzling white gold setting. Try as she might, she couldn't seem to dredge up any sort of feminism within, as if her former self had been erased and replaced with a grown-up version of the little girl who spent hours dazzled by white gowns and veils in bridal magazines.

A fairy tale wedding, Alex had promised her, and he had delivered. The entire hall glittered with ice blue and silver as befitting the winter theme. There was even an ice sculpture of a swan amidst acres and acres of white flowers. It was perfect, all of it, and she wanted to hold onto this moment forever.

"It's time," Alex whispered in her ear, taking her hand and drawing her out onto the dance floor. "Our first dance as husband and wife," he declared aloud as the music began.

It was then that Claire realized the hall was empty save the two of them. She dropped Alex's hand and turned all around, looking for her family and her friends. She was sure they'd just been there, they had to have been there. It was her wedding day.

When she turned back Alex was gone too. She was alone in her long white dress, her flawless veil and two empty hands: bereft of ring and bouquet.

Waking up to an empty bed was almost as bad as the nighmare. Alex really was gone - for good.

She put on her crankiest face when she got to the office, which took little effort, so that everyone would leave her alone. She planned to shut the door and ignore everyone as much as she could get away with until the doom and gloom mood passed.

Just as she was steps from her office door Trevor popped up in her field of vision.

"Not today," she snapped, going around him briskly and all but slamming the door in his face.

A half hour later a tentative knock at her door made her realize she'd been a bit harsh even if she still wasn't in the mood for Trevor's hijinks.

It wasn't him though. It was a floral delivery.

Sunflowers: a huge bouquet of happy sunflowers with a big yellow bow on them.

She smiled despite herself and even more so when she saw the card.

"Tell me when it's safe to come back. And don't bite any of your co-workers. I'm not sure all of them have had their shots."

He didn't sign it Trevor nor did he sign it Cupid, but she knew the handwriting and the hand-drawn heart at the bottom.

Arranging her bouquet where she could see it best, she started into her stack of files glad she didn't go ahead and cancel her lunch plans. An afternoon out suddenly sounded good.

An hour later the files were almost done, the flowers were still bright and joyful and the night had begun to slip away from memory into oblivion where it belonged.

Two miles away, even though she didn't know it, Trevor had worked his magic: fixing up the florist with the bakery owner across the street.

♥ ♥ ♥