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19 November 2011 @ 11:59 pm
Castle Fic: Gossip Girl and Dragonfire  
Written for varietypack100 Multi-Fandom Challenge
Emma DeMarais VarietyPack100 Prompt Table
Crossposted to castle_fic

Title: Gossip Girl and Dragonfire
Pairing/Characters: Rick, Alexis, Kate
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Pilot, Last Call
Summary: Prompt - Drink
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

"Come on, honey."


"Just a little bit?"

"Dad, seriously. Do you want to lose the bar over serving someone underage?"

Kate walked into The Old Haunt just in time to catch Rick's less than successful efforts to entice Alexis into accepting the pink liquid filled martini glass he was waving between her and a huge textbook propped up on the bar.

"What's going on here, Castle?" she asked, eyeing Rick. "Are you attempting to contribute to the delinquency of one of my favorite minors?" She winked at Alexis, who offered her a broad smile in greeting.

"My dad seems to think if I haven't caroused in a fountain by moonlight by age eighteen I haven't really lived, thus him trying to get me to cut loose a little."

"I never said fountain," Rick pointed out. "Well maybe I did, but I know for sure I left out the 'various states of undress' part of that story."

"Let me make this easy." Kate looked Rick in the eye. "If you serve her alcohol in front of me, as an officer of the law, I will have to write you up."

"Try me," Rick challenged, putting the glass down on top of Alexis' book. "Sweetie? Be a good girl and try out your father's latest concoction."

To Kate's surprise, Alexis's expression shifted to one of excitement and she quickly took a drink from the glass.

"It's good! I like it!"

"Castle..." Kate's voice was low and warning, but it was Alexis who waved her off this time.

"There's no alcohol in this. Whenever my Dad makes a 'concoction' it's always something fun and sweet like one of his crazy ice cream drinks. I've been drinking his experiments since I was a kid." She turned her attention to her father. "What's in this?"

"Oh, a vendor brought in a new artisan pomegranate syrup for us to try out so basically it's a really expensive Shirley Temple. Or, for fans of the 80s, a Molly Ringwald."

"Call it a Gossip Girl and young women will go crazy for it," Alexis teased. "Especially if you make it with diet soda."

"My daughter, still in high school and already a marketing genius," Rick bragged before turning to Kate. "So, Beckett! Since I'm playing bartender this evening, what can I get you?"

"Ask for a concoction!" Alexis said, nudging her. "It's worth the surprise!"

"How about an alcoholic one?" Kate asked. "After the day I've had I think I need a real drink, not an ice cream soda."

"Hmm..." Rick looked perplexed. "I've never made a concoction with alcohol. Give me a minute." He disappeared behind the bar and even conferred with the on-duty bartender further down where most of the regular customers were gathered. Finally he brought back a very full shot glass, carrying it carefully as he put it own in front of Kate. "Voila! I call it: Dragonfire!"

"Ooh!" Alexis cooed beside her. "I like the name."

"This one's not for you, hon," Rick chastened. "If this one had more 'proof' in it it'd win a court case." He gestured with a flourish to Kate to drink. "Bottom's up! That is, unless you're scared."

"Scared? What are we in eighth grade playing spin the bottle?" Kate teased, picking up the glass.

"No, but that's an excellent suggestion," Rick responded, smirking. "Adults really have forgotten how to play."

"Wow, people play spin the bottle in junior high?" Alexis asked, amazed.

"She's so cute," Rick said with a proud chuckle. "And by the way I am proud of you for turning down my illicit liquor. Well done."

"I was raised by the best," Alexis said, beaming.

After giving the glass a tentative sniff, Kate downed the shot all at once. Her entire throat felt like flames surged down all the way into her stomach and she almost choked, but it quickly gave way to an intense feeling of heat, one that spread to her hands within snow-dusted gloves and winter boot-covered feet.

"Well?" Rick stared, waiting for an answer as Kate hoped her voice still worked.

"Good," she choked out. "Needs a chaser though."

"Oh?" Rick looked perplexed as she headed towards the door.

"Yeah, so I'm off in search of a rare drift of clean snow in New York City," she rasped out, tongue still tingling, "because I need to go eat a handful to recover!"

Andreadizzydrea on November 24th, 2011 08:18 am (UTC)
How did I miss this? It was lovely! Spot on characterizations, which I've come to expect from you. And rendering Beckett nearly speechless is just all kinds of fun. </p>

Well done once again, m'dear!