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27 December 2011 @ 11:59 pm
Numb3rs Fic: Merlot Red Part 1  
Posted to numb3rs_slash
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Title: Merlot Red Part 1
Series/Universe: Jet Black
Pairing/Characters: Ian/Nikki, Charlie/Amita, Don/Robin, Ian/Robin, Robin/Nikki, Nikki/Don, Don/Amita, Amita/Ian, Ian/Charlie, Charlie/Robin, Robin/Amita, Amita/Nikki, Nikki/Charlie, Charlie/Ian, Charlie/Don, Charlie/Don/Ian
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Seasons 1-5
Summary: Ian throws a dinner party for three couples willing to share
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Some moments in life make you appreciate your job.

Coming back from vacation in Jamaica is not one of them.

Nikki returns, glowing from her two weeks in paradise with Ian to a mountain of paperwork on her desk. Her look of dismay is met with a smirk from Colby who merely gestures to his own huge stack: no one's getting out of this.

Don emerges from the interrogation room, all glowering and intense, but his face lights up when he sees her and he offers her a wink and a warm welcome home smile as he passes.

She settles into her chair, pulling the first file off the stack.

It feels weird to be back; everything's changed. Ian told rather than asked the brass that he was going to be based out of Los Angeles from now on, not Quantico. He'd moved out of his apartment in D.C. and moved his scant possessions into her place.

The biggest change, save the lovely benefit of having him home with her far more often, was his huge gun safe in the corner of her office. She nicknamed it the Armory and made him laugh, delighting in the difference in him whenever she could break through that fortress he made of himself to stay strong.

So knowing he was a few floors up in meetings? Made mind numbing busy work so much harder.

They weren't the only ones to make things official in the past month. While Charlie and Amita were busy with wedding planning Don quietly proposed to Robin. Nikki admitted - to Ian in private only - that she was a little surprised. After seeing Don and Charlie's connection she thought perhaps Charlie would call things off with Amita and Don would end his relationship with Robin.

Ian tactfully brought up the fact that if she could love him despite his need to be with other people maybe the Eppes men had been lucky enough to find women to love who understood them the same way.

She'd been thoughtful the rest of that evening, imagining what it would be like for a woman to have her man admit he wanted his brother. When Ian asked her why she was so quiet she admitted her thoughts. He got a look on his face she couldn't figure out and asked her if she'd decided if she could be with a man if he had a relationship like that with his brother.

She'd just teasingly told him that as long as it was him she could and climbed into his lap, wiping that look off his face with a raunchy kiss and a whispered order to take her to bed. It was really about the only order of hers Ian ever obeyed and half the time he flaunted it by taking her right there wherever they were, but she enjoyed the few times it worked very much.

David dropping a fresh stack of folders on his own desk breaks her out of her reverie and back to her drudgery. She finishes up the file she's on and puts it on her embarrassingly small finished pile.

A text comes into her cell phone and she pulls it out to find it's Ian.

'We should have a dinner party.'

Her body flushes with sexually charged adrenaline so fast it almost makes her dizzy.

'Y! When?' she sends back breathlessly.

'Last Saturday of the month.'

She checks her calendar just in case, but she's sure she's free.


She sits, antsy in her chair, waiting for his final reply.

'Good. I'll handle the invites. See you at lunch.'

She glances at the clock. It's hours until lunch time and she lets a little groan escape. But at least now her mind will be busy enjoying the possibilities for the party while her fingers are busy doing paperwork.

Colby catches her humming and raises his eyebrow at her.

"What are you so pleased about?"

"Nothing," she tells him, smirking, and goes back to humming.


As usual, the email from Ian has no names in it. Nikki can only guess who is attending from the new email addresses on the To: line.

Charlie's EdgeCubed is on there as is Don's DodgerBlue. PlusOne feels like it's probably Amita which means MerlotRed is likely to be Robin.

It's a couples' party.

This time it's Ian setting the rules, though she knows him: he will have discussed this with everyone individually beforehand.

She leans forward as she reads the list, anxious to see what he has in store for them. When she sees the first item - no intercourse outside of established couples - she deflates, certain this is going to be a bust. Yet she reads on, curious what will be allowed.

All clothing stays on, however it may be adjusted for access as needed.

All parties are open to overtures by all parties, male or female.

Hands and mouths are valid, object penetration is not.

Everyone has the right to call a halt to any action they are uncomfortable with, via safeword or gesture.

Transportation will be provided in anticipation of alcohol consumption.

That last bit throws her a little. They'd never drunk enough with Don or Charlie to be an issue, but as this will be more of a real dinner party it seems a nice touch to offer. There is plenty to celebrate so a little extravagance will be nice.

The final one catches her by surprise.

For the entire evening, no one will speak.

She was sure Charlie's rule would be thrown out. It was one thing to have Don and Charlie over, but three couples for dinner and no talking? This is going to be interesting.

As she's sitting there reading, responses come in from Charlie and the PlusOne account. They both accept the invitation, however the PlusOne email contains a reminder to Ian to provide an alternative to red meat, confirming her belief that the person behind the account is Amita.

She sends in her own acceptance, which feels weird since it's her apartment, but everyone's CCed so it's the easiest way to confirm. Don accepts and a short while later MerlotRed responds accepting and asking about bringing wine for the meal.

Ian responds to all of them at once, stating that there will be both red meat and fish served at the dinner so a red and a white wine would be ideal.

Nikki knows Robin's a wine connoisseur so when MerlotRed replies asking for the menu closer to the date to better match the wine to the dishes she's certain she was right about her identity.

She and Ian curl up on the couch later to watch a movie - an odd sort of domestic bliss. Ian's visits were so infrequent previously they were usually spent going out, in bed or recovering from work. Having actual downtime where they don't have to rush to fit everything in is still new to them as a couple.

Nikki finds she likes this more relaxed Ian. They get to laugh in the kitchen as he cooks - and he's a much better cook than she ever realized now that he has time to futz about and stock up on ingredients. They get to playfully squabble over laundry and other household chores and they get to make plans for the future now that they're officially living together.

She thought this domesticated Ian would be kind of weird, but now that she's had him around a while she finds she really likes him this way: hers. At home. Their home.

She nestles in closer, head on his shoulder, and he pauses long enough to tighten his arm around her and press a kiss to her head of curls.

It's different, this not needing to jump him every night, but there's a kind of zen-like peace that comes from just sitting together. It's like all the stress of the job melts away in his presence, in his arms.

How someone who shoots to kill for a living can be so calm is beyond her, but more than once she's relied on Ian's experience and wisdom to settle her after a case gone bad. He's been there, he knows, and that stands for a lot in her book. That he cares enough to tend to her without judgment even though sometimes she feels like a damn rookie, means a lot to her. Ian treats her like she's earned his respect so she works hard to be worthy of it.

For now the movie is just predictable enough for her mind to wander, picturing her dinner table with three couples around it.

She finds herself wondering if raspberries are still in season.


This time dinner's a hybrid: the sides have all been ordered and prepared in a restaurant, but the main dishes Ian is cooking. It's a happy medium - the food that needs to be hot will be freshly cooked and the sides can stay warm in the oven without suffering as they pick up their guests in the limousine Ian rented for the occasion.

The service cleans the apartment as normal and the table is set with the new china, silverware and stemware they picked out when they first moved in together. Ian likes entertaining and Nikki is proud of the table she sets for her guests. Her history of inviting people over was more like ice buckets of cervesa than multiple stemware per place setting, but she feels like quite the hostess offering her guests a gleaming candlelit table.

Getting ready, they barely talk, almost as if they're preparing themselves for the mute mindset of the evening. They laugh, playfully throwing things at each other, but words barely make it past their lips.

The limousine shows up as scheduled an hour before their first pickup. This is Ian's treat to her she figures. They enjoy a drive by the coast as the sun starts to set then head inland to get to Montrose on time.

They pick up Don and Robin at Don's apartment; they're still house hunting since Don's not thrilled with the location of Robin's house and she's ready to move anyway.

Don looks stunning in black on black, his dress shirt open at the collar giving a tantalizing glimpse of the body Nikki won't get to have tonight. She consoles herself that there will be other dinner parties; this one's about the couples.

Robin looks exquisite in a deep red dress that fits her like it was made for her and with a lawyer's salary it might well have been. The sleeveless bodice artfully displays Robin's modest chest and the short skirt with slight slit up the front of one thigh shows off plenty of her fabulous long legs. The heels are Manolos. Nikki would covet them - given how great they make her legs look even sitting down - if she could walk in them.

After a round of wordless greetings they settle in the limousine - Don handing the chauffeur Robin's temperature controlled wine carrier to put in the trunk - and head for Pasadena.

Charlie welcomes them all in with gregarious gestures, all smiles, and gives each of the women a beautiful rose from his garden. He's got his navy suit on again, this time with a cornflower blue shirt on beneath it.

Amita comes down the stairs and she looks amazing. Like Robin and Nikki she's wearing her long hair up, but she's got one of the yellow roses from the garden tucked into her hair. It goes with the golden yellow sarong style dress she has on - the color bringing out the wonderful warm tones in her skin.

As she walks the wrap skirt reveals more of her lean legs. She has on skimpy gold sandals with a rare heel. Charlie doesn't seem to mind that she's a bit taller than him; he only has eyes for her as she comes to join their group.

They head out, all six of them in the back of the limousine.

Ian opens the bottle of chilled champagne and pours them all a glass to start off the evening.

He raises his glass in wordless toast to each couple in turn and it's clear what they're all celebrating.

They all drink, beaming, a mood of celebration filling the car even though no one's said a single word.


If Nikki had any concerns about conversation, past experience should have told her not to worry.

As Ian broils the steaks and pan sears the tuna Nikki decants the wine, watching Amita and Robin compliment each other's dresses with expressive gestures and Don and Charlie joke like the brothers they are with playful pokes and rolled eyes.

Ian calls them to the table with a clapping of his hands then parades out the sides, showing them to everyone as he does so they'll see what's for dinner. Then he brings out the platters of steak and serves them to Don, Charlie and herself. He returns with the seared ahi tuna and serves Amita, Robin and himself.

Ian accepts a round of compliments - blissful facial expressions, applause and thumbs up - with a gracious nod and they eat, passing dishes around with nods in place of polite thanks. The Chateauneuf-du-pape is an exquisite wine - one of the best Nikki's ever had and she gets why Robin was so fussy about the menu. It's the perfect match for the steak and she's certain whatever white she brought is equally impressive. She watches as Amita gestures to Charlie to write down the name of the white wine so they can get some themselves.

It's amazing, really. Each couple knows each other so well their shorthand of talking without speaking is exceptional. Robin barely has to lift a finger and Don knows what to pass her from the assembled platters and condiments, more than once anticipating what she'd want - earning him a bright smile and a little kiss. Charlie - always eager - offers things to Amita overtly and she responds with a shake of her head or a smile and a nod and he's pleased to have pleased her. But when it's just the two of them eating, they're talking about everyone around them with glances - especially amused by Don's efforts to try to get Robin whatever she might want.

Ian manages to host well without words, urging people to have seconds, toasting each couple's engagement and accepting a well played toast from Don congratulating them on moving in together. Ian presses a kiss to Nikki's hand and gazes at her with such loving eyes she's truly moved. For him to show so much emotion in front of Robin and Amita, in the company of two other couples, just means so much to her. She was ready to resign herself to life with Mr. Stoic - and Robin clearly had too - but it ends up both Don and Ian are capable of so much more than they let on at work. Charlie's not the only expressive Eppes and Ian? She never doubts how he feels about her, even without words.

Dessert brings a change in wines and Nikki falls in love with the Recioto della Valpolicella Robin's brought. It's a sweet red dessert wine that's heavenly with the chocolate mousse Ian picked out. She rolls it around on her tongue, thoroughly enjoying the taste of it in her mouth. This is the one she's sure to buy for them later.

Amita seems similarly affected by the lovely amber Tokaji Aszú wine she's drinking with the fresh sliced pears Nikki and Ian hand selected from the farmer's market that morning. It was the wrong time of year for raspberries and while Nikki had been disappointed, Ian had splurged on a cherimoya and fed it to her over lunch. The sweet fruit had been a delicious new experience and it got her thinking about what other interesting tastes she could plan for a future dinner party.

After all, even if the dinner isn't the reason for the party Ian always goes out of his way to make the entire evening memorable and she wants her chance to step up and play hostess one of these days.


As they linger over the last of the wine, Ian rises - moving at a relaxed pace despite the fact that all eyes are on him as their host.

He comes to Nikki, who is sitting beside him, grazing his hands over her spaghetti strapped shoulders. When she showed him her top choices for dresses for that evening he chose this chocolate brown dress despite the fact she had one that looked better with his deep purple shirt.

The fact that this one is almost backless? Probably affected his decision more than color.

She feels his hands in her hair, undoing the clip that's keeping it up. The curls, once loosened, tumble down her shoulders and back and he takes a moment to run his hand over them as she leans into his familiar touch.

He moves next to Robin, who is sitting beside Nikki at the table, and gestures to ask for permission to do the same for her. She nods, smiling, and Ian deftly removes each pin holding her hair up.

As her wavy brown locks cascade down her back Ian threads his fingers through them, clearly relishing their softness. Nikki almost wants to touch too. Unlike her and Amita, Robin's got baby fine hair and it looks wonderfully silky flowing over Ian's hands and between his fingers.

She watches him finger a curled end then flicks her eyes over to watch Don watching Ian and Robin together. He's got a hint of a smile on his face and he's watching Robin more than he's watching Ian. Her eyes are half closed and she's clearly enjoying having her hair played with. It seems Ian's not the only one with that particular affectation.

After a last lingering caress of Robin's hair, Ian walks behind Don at the other end of the table and passes behind Charlie to reach Amita who had been sitting on his right as he sat at the head of the table.

She's ready for him, nodding graciously when he gestures to ask for permission to undo her hair. Charlie shifts his chair to get a better view then watches avidly as Ian slowly and carefully undoes Amita's carefully set bun. He starts with the flower, removing it and running the petals over her graceful neck before handing it to her. She sniffs its fragrance then puts it aside, giving him her full attention.

She has even more pins in her hair than Robin, but Ian finds them all - expert tracker that he is. When her black tresses come loose it's like a cavalcade of dark curls falling to frame her face and shoulders. Nikki wonders with hair like that why she ever puts it up - it's gorgeous - shiny and full and so enticing Nikki finds herself jealous of Ian's fingers lost in its midst.

She watches him draw Amita's thick long hair back, gathering it up into both his hands. Amita tilts her head back, a serene smile on her face, and Charlie's eyes are fixed on Ian's hands as they revel in the feel of the luscious locks under his touch.

Ian picks a single lock out, an almost ringlet-like spiral curl, and follows it with his finger from crown to end then coils it briefly around his finger where it looks almost like a pet snake, affectionate to its master.

This dinner party - it's practically a smorgasbord for Ian's dark curl fetish. There's not a blonde in sight and everyone's got some level of curl: from Robin's waves with curled ends to Charlie's thick ringlets to her tiny corkscrew curls.

Finally releasing her fabulous mane, Ian takes his place at the head of the table again, gesturing his thanks to each of the women for sharing that with him.

Once he's sitting again Nikki looks around. It's not clear what's to happen next and Ian's not showing them the way.

She sips her wine and waits for someone to take the bait. Last time it was Don.

This time? All bets are off.


Unexpectedly, Robin is the one who rises from the table next.

She gestures her request for Charlie and Amita's empty unused water goblets and receives permission to take them. She splashes a bit of each dessert wine into the glasses so she has one red and one white.

Holding them up to Don, questioning, he taps the glass with the white wine in it as his choice.

Robin takes a sip from the glass of white wine then bends to kiss him, letting him taste the wine on her tongue.

A rush of interest flows through Nikki's body. She's been to a wine tasting before, but if this is Robin's idea of a wine tasting she fits right in.

She moves to Charlie next and he points to the red glass. Robin sips some of the red then bends to kiss him. The curtain of her long hair covers their lips meeting from her view, but she's down there just as long - if not longer - than her kiss with Don.

When Robin rises she moves on with the glasses, only she stops at Amita's chair next, not Ian's. She offers Amita a choice of wines and the rush of interest becomes a flood in Nikki when she realizes Robin will be offering her the choice after Ian.

She might have played around in college, but she's never had any sort of serious relationship with a woman so it's all still exciting to her. Robin and Amita are beautiful - no bad there - so this evening is proving to be far more promising than she'd imagined.

Amita chooses the white - she's drunk only white all night - only when Robin lowers her mouth to hers Amita pulls Robin's hair back with her fingers so the kiss is visible to all. It's a leisurely kiss, a slow exploration of Amita's mouth by Robin who is clearly the dominant force between them. Nikki thinks she can hear each of the men breathing around her - it's that dead silent as all eyes are on them.

As Robin pulls away she runs a hand down Amita's hair - a half intimate, half sisterly gesture that seems almost natural between them. The two share a look and a smile then Robin moves on to Ian.

Ian - as host - stands for her offer and eschews both the wines in favor of kissing her standing up sans wine. It hits Nikki what it is he's getting: Amita's taste and Robin's taste at the same time. That has to be an unusual delight, knowing he's never tasted either woman before. Nikki knows the average woman would be jealous in this moment, but what she feels inside is more like pride; sharing her man like this is like a way of showing off how lucky she is to have such an amazingly sensual man as her lover.

And then Robin's coming to her. After a second's hesitation, Nikki's fingernail taps the white wine glass. She's had only red tonight and Amita looked so pleased by the Tokaji that this seems a nice way to sample it. Robin sips the wine then bends to kiss her.

This isn't like college - no drunken inexperienced messy kisses. Robin's good at this and not shy in the least. It's softer than kissing Ian, but no less demanding. Her mind races with images of Don and Robin battling in the bedroom, each other's strength an aphrodisiac. The wine is sweet in her mouth and she thinks she can sense a hint of Ian beneath it that's familiar.

And before she can fully relish it, it's over - Robin putting the glasses down and settling back in her chair next to Don.

Robin's clearly staked her claim as a new person to their play and unconsciously Nikki's eyes flick to Amita.

The game is on and Robin's anteed up. Now she's dying to see if Amita's really ready to go all in and play for real.


Amita shyly shifts her seat back and rises, fetching her purse from the couch with a little grin on her face. It shows off her dimples and is really quite adorable. She's not as assured as Robin, but if Ian and she had the kind of conversation Nikki assumes precedes a play night like this she's not as shy as she seems.

Amita reaches into her purse then playfully palms whatever she pulled out then turns around to put it in her mouth. She stays there a few seconds then removes whatever she put in her mouth and puts it in a tissue in her purse.

She makes a question mark in the air with her finger in front of Ian then bends to kiss him. It's a real kiss, not a chaste peck, and Ian slips a hand into her hair as she does it - never one to miss out on a chance to enjoy hair like that.

When she finally stands, Ian chuckles heartily. He gestures something large then points to the glass of red wine in front of him. Amita nods, pleased at his guess, then pulls out a pack of Big Red gum from her purse to show the room.

A smattering of applause follows. So this is Amita's take on it: guess the flavor. It's playful, fun and not too intense so it rather suits her.

She turns again and puts something in her mouth, coming over to Nikki next. Nikki's ready, looking forward to letting her fingers roam through that lovely hair. From the first touch - before their lips even meet - she can tell what Ian enjoyed so much. Despite how thick each strand is, the hair is incredibly soft to the touch. Amita's lips are soft too - her kiss so much more feminine than Robin's. It makes Nikki feel like taking the lead, plunging her tongue into Amita's mouth. The burst of bright cinnamon explodes in her mouth, making her eyes widen in surprise.

She hears laughter around her; the others had to have noticed her reaction. When they part, Nikki points to her glass of red wine then fans her mouth to denote the flavor: Red Hots. Another round of applause as Amita pulls out a box of cinnamon Red Hots from her purse.

Robin's up next and Nikki all but holds her breath. Their first kiss was good, but now she's got a front row seat - up close and personal - for Amita kissing Robin this time. Robin tilts her head back and Nikki can't help but admire her graceful neck, her lovely jawline, the slender fingers that reach up for Amita to thread through her hair. Their kiss is languorous, completely unhurried, and every eye at the table is on them - the feast after the feast.

When they finally part Robin reaches - unexpectedly - to Nikki. She slides a finger down her spaghetti strap and points to the bodice of her brown dress just above her breast.

Amita pulls chocolates out of her purse: Droste Pastilles. Another correct guess. Another round of pleased applause.

Don is up next and Nikki's eyes flick to Charlie who is watching intently. She wonders if he's jealous at all, watching his brother kiss his fiancée, but instead he seems bursting with anticipation that can't be because his turn is next.

Amita pulls her hair to the side to give everyone the best view of the kiss. Don immediately takes charge, kissing her almost wantonly, plundering her mouth without reservation.

He's smiling when they part and turns to them to mime to the assembled table: first looking drowsy, then pouring a cup of something, then drinking it, then looking perky. It's got to be coffee. Amita pulls out a bag of Coffee Rio hard candies with a flourish. Everyone's guessed right so far.

Charlie's last and after they kiss his face screws up in confusion, making Amita laugh. He looks at her, but she just gives him the same question mark she gave Ian.

Charlie pauses then tries to mime what he thinks it is. Nikki tries to follow along and it's hard: Charlie looks like he's trying to cook something in a pan then Don claps - he's got what Charlie is going after, of course. He mimes a tree and then pokes a hole where the tree trunk is, cupping his hands below it. Charlie points to Don's mime with a thumbs up and Amita nods. She pulls out maple cream candy to show it's correct.

With a little bow and a round of applause, she takes her seat again. Her turn is done and the new people are all initiated.


When Ian stands, all eyes are on him. There's a sense of waiting for him to show them the way and he's ready.

He puts out a hand to direct them all to stay seated, then offers his hand to Nikki.

She rises and he kisses her, taking his time with it in full view of the others, then leads her to the living room and installs her in a corner of the couch.

He returns for Robin, offering her his hand and bringing her partway between the living room and the dining room area where Nikki can watch them kiss as well as the others. It's a full body kiss - Robin's arms around Ian's neck, Ian's arms low around her waist, and he takes just as much time with hers before he installs her on the other end of the same couch Nikki is on.

Amita's next. Ian all but dip kisses her and she comes up giggling girlishly while Charlie watches, licking his lips. She's placed between Nikki and Robin, filling the couch with women. He holds a finger up to the three of them for them to wait, then beckons to Don and Charlie to join him at the other couch facing theirs.

He strips Charlie's jacket off him slowly, tantalizingly, then does the same to Don as the women watch. Don returns the favor, peeling Ian's suit jacket off. All the jackets are set aside and Ian returns to pull Charlie in his arms and kiss him.

Nikki hears the tiny gasp come out of Amita's mouth and steals a peek at her watching her man being kissed by another man. Her breathing quickens as she watches entranced, Ian taking his time fully mapping Charlie's mouth.

When Ian releases Charlie he pulls Don in next and it's Robin's turn to watch. She's got a wonderfully sly smile on her face, clearly pleased with the visual before her.

Nikki almost holds her breath as Ian steps back, out of the way. She wasn't sure they would do this in front of their future wives, but Don draws Charlie in and kisses him with breathtaking tenderness and passion. Everything stops: all of them watching, spellbound, as the brothers share this amazingly intimate kiss.

When they finally pull apart they all inhale at the same time, coming back to themselves. Nikki finds herself totally turned on and the evening's barely begun.

Kissing done, Ian installs Don at the end of the couch and Charlie next to him, leaving a space for Ian at the end of the couch.

Only he doesn't sit. Ian gestures them all to wait and heads into the kitchen briefly.

Nikki thinks it's going to be awkward, them having to sit in silence and wait, but the air is so thick with anticipation, so brittle with pent up want, it crackles.

She'd thought the rules would keep this from being an interesting night, but right now she's dying - like the rest of them - to see what Ian has in store.


Ian reappears with an empty wine bottle which he holds up to them, showing it off as a prop. First he puts it on the floor and spins it, gesturing to it as it turns. Spin the Bottle is the inspiration for this evening's fun.

Only Ian holds up his finger to make them pause. He removes the bottle and puts it out of the way, done with it, and takes the place of the bottle in the middle of the floor between the two couches.

He spins himself, pointing at each of the party guests in turn, making it clear that tonight's choices won't be left to chance.

He stops with his finger pointed at Robin and beckons with a crook of his finger for her to join him in the empty space on the rug.

She rises slowly, more graceful than hesitant, and accepts Ian's outstretched hand. Once he has a hold of her though he tugs her in hard and fast, making her yelp in surprise. He molds his body against the back of hers, hands roaming voraciously over her silky dress, growling into her neck as one hand slips under her hem and another into her bra.

The juxtaposition of Ian's coarse brusqueness against Robin's refined appearance is startling, but clearly she relishes it, breathy moans finding their way between startled gasps each time he clutches her anew in his strong hands.

Nikki almost forgets to look past them to see Don's reaction, but when she does she sees no jealousy there - just a barely restrained man forcing himself not to jump up and jump in. Clearly he wants to be a part of what he's seeing, but he knows the rules; this time it's their turn. He'll get his turn later. And after, for sure.

Robin's voice pulls her attention back; she's no shrinking violet when it comes to vocalizations and she's reveling in the power of Ian's talented fingers stuffed down her panties under her skirt.

Nikki doesn't get to see Robin's face when she climaxes; Ian's turned her so Don gets to watch instead. She's pretty sure she'll remember that high pitched sound Robin made though at the end. They may all be mute when it comes to words at these parties, but Robin's pushed the sound barrier more than anyone so far.

After a moment to recover, Ian starts spinning Robin around and then gestures to her to keep spinning as he takes his seat.

Nikki's busy thinking about all the possible combinations and it doesn't register that Robin's stopped on her, pointing right at her with that sly smile she does so well.

Blinking, unprepared, Nikki rises and joins her - not sure what to expect.

Robin lays her down on the rug, letting her delicate fingertips skate over her exposed skin until she gets gooseflesh - part from the tickling sensation and part from the chill of what's to come when Robin's fingers disappear under the hem of her dress.

She closes her eyes, focusing on sensation, and feels Robin's lips start to kiss her way up her inner thigh. She tries hard not to wriggle, but once Robin's head is under her skirt and she feels gentle teeth graze her clit through her thong she can't be still.

Her fingers scrabble for purchase in the rug as Robin licks her through the thin fabric then uses her fingers to tug the scrap aside and dive in, tonguing her avidly.

She wants to hold out, but she's been too amped for tonight for too long and when two of Robin's long manicured fingers slip inside of her she's gone, biting her lip as she shudders her way through what she hopes is only the first of multiple orgasms this evening.

Robin pets her for a while as she comes down then retreats to the couch, ceding center stage to her.

It's her turn to pick and as she gazes at the smorgasbord of beautiful bodies surrounding her, she wonders how any of them can limit themselves.


She spins slowly, partly to give herself time to think and partly because she's still wobbly from Robin's handiwork. With a mouth that talented it's no wonder Don's always smiling around her.

Don... She stops with her finger on him. She's wanted him for ages and while she still can't live out her fantasies of being dominated in bed by him, she's dying to see what he'll do to her within the boundaries.

This time that smile is for her as he rises, joining her in the center. He looks her up and down in a sort of appraising manner then plunges a hand in her hair and drags her in for a voracious kiss.

Forget Robin, Don's got her weak in the knees with just a kiss.

She's never felt so consumed before, as if she's a cigarette he's smoking in one draw - only ash remaining when he's done. She surrenders; what else can she do?

She may have picked but Don's in control. His hands grasp, demanding. His body presses against her, making her feel his power. It's intoxicating and somehow wildly different from the power she feels from Ian.

She yelps out loud when, without warning, Don picks her up to have her straddle him standing. While one hand holds her up, the other is under her ass and fingering her hole just teasingly enough to get her going again.

Straddling him she's perfectly positioned to feel his thick hardness through his pants and realizes Don's whole plan was to rub his clothed cock against her clit. He keeps her moving just enough to tantalize and before she knows it she's ready again and aching for another climax.

Realizing she's not completely without options, she buries her face in Don's neck and bites down on the taut tendons there, relishing the masculine scent of him.

As if on cue, Don speeds up, rubbing her faster, harder, finger breaching her ass just as she's sure she can't take anymore.

She shudders in his arms, teeth making indentations in his ear lobe to hold back her cries.

He lowers her down not to the floor but to her spot on the couch, helping rearrange her dress since she's so out of it.

She lets her eyes fall closed a moment, she deserves a break.

When she finally opens them it's to quite the sight.

Amita's on her knees opening up Don's pants, looking up at him with such worshipful lust it's clear she's thought about this before.

She takes that thick beautiful cock out, gives it a few strokes then swallows it down.

It doesn't take long, just a few minutes of Don's fingers tangled in Amita's glossy curls before he groans his completion and Amita looks almost smug with delight.

Belatedly Nikki remembers to look over at Charlie.

There's no sign of jealousy, but the look on his face tells her he remembers her doing just a good a job for him so there's nothing to worry about. Again she marvels at these two men and their women. Perhaps Ian was right about them being lucky at finding two women who understood and accepted them so well.


Part 2
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on January 1st, 2012 04:11 am (UTC)
Please see Part 2 for Confession Post.


Emma DeMarais
numberbiscuitnumberbiscuit on January 26th, 2016 05:40 pm (UTC)
How am I the first to comment on this?! You did a stunning job working with these canon pairings, and I can completely imagine this fitting right into the show during season 6. Stunningly hot job ;)
(Oh, and once again, your smoulderingly dominant Don has left me wanting oh so much more...)
Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on January 26th, 2016 07:31 pm (UTC)
LOL If it helps, you aren't the first to comment; everyone else made their comments on the part two post. Still, December isn't a popular time to get fic read, but people did find this one.

I'm glad you enjoyed the series! I've been trying to get another installment going to continue it, but it's been elusive.

And yes, I've written some good Dons in my day (I really like Don Diego's Don in particular and Long and Winding Road Don), but this Don is smoking hot IMHO. I think I finally discovered what all those Jeans of Justice girls loved about him from day one. I just was too much of a Charlie girl at the start to really see.

Thanks again for the great comments!
numberbiscuitnumberbiscuit on January 26th, 2016 09:26 pm (UTC)
Re: !
Well if there is a next part, I'm very much looking forward to it :D

Honestly at the start of the show I was so into Charlie as well, then I lusted after Colby, then Liz and later on I really liked Don. There are certainly quite a few highly attractive people in the LA FBI office!

Oh, and I know which of your fics I'm headed for next now too...