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28 December 2011 @ 11:59 pm
Numb3rs Fic: Merlot Red Part 2  
Posted to numb3rs_slash
Crossposted to ian_nikki

Title: Merlot Red Part 2
Series/Universe: Jet Black
Pairing/Characters: Ian/Nikki, Charlie/Amita, Don/Robin, Ian/Robin, Robin/Nikki, Nikki/Don, Don/Amita, Amita/Ian, Ian/Charlie, Charlie/Robin, Robin/Amita, Amita/Nikki, Nikki/Charlie, Charlie/Ian, Charlie/Don, Charlie/Don/Ian
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Seasons 1-5
Summary: Ian throws a dinner party for three couples willing to share
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Part 1

After a quick break to clean up, Don winds up back on the couch and Amita starts her center stage twirl, an over-exaggerated one, like she really can't decide. It's cute, almost girlish, but when she stops and points it's all woman.

She wants Ian.

Nikki should have seen this coming. After all, Ian's an insanely desirable man, but somehow she can't stem the flash flood of jealousy as Ian rises to go to her. Why Ian picking Robin didn't do it for her, she doesn't know, but there's something about Ian at another woman's beck and call that feels wrong to her.

Amita faces him and then silently crosses her wrists over her head, looking at him to see if he understands her request.

He doesn't respond, just stands there until she drops her arms.

And then in one violent burst, he tackles her to the ground.

Charlie almost leaps from his seat, but Don holds him back with a hand on his arm.

This is what she asked for after all.

Amita's down and pinned under Ian's much larger body, wriggling to get free even though everyone knows freedom is the last thing she wants.

Ian's using one hand to hold her wrists and the other is under Amita's dress, unseen but moving vigorously.

Other than the fact that there's no actual intercourse it's a great control fantasy. Amita's helpless and Ian's got full control of her body.

While she started out with fairly controlled vocalizations, Amita starts to lose it as Ian brings her near to finishing. She's louder than even Robin and Nikki wonders with a chuckle how Charlie and Amita don't get into a ton of trouble at Cal Sci because someone's got to have heard them having a little nookie outside of office hours.

When it's over, Ian helps her up, ever the gentleman. She adjusts her dress, kisses Ian on the cheek and then goes over and gives Charlie a kiss as well to let him know it's all good.

And then Ian picks Charlie.

He's already hard from his time on the floor with Amita so Charlie just sinks to his knees in front of him, expectant.

Ian huffs out a chuckle but goes along, opening up his pants and all but offering his cock to Charlie.

Those small hands wrap around it and start him off with long slow strokes, enough to distract Ian from one of those hands sneaking away for a dip into Charlie's pocket. Subterfuge is useless because Ian knows the scent of their favorite herbal lubricant as well as she does. He must have told Charlie where to buy it or something, but he's got some now.

He gets a bunch on his fingers then breaks away quickly to coat both hands before returning to his strokes with greater vigor.

Ian's eyes fly open. Even if he knows the smell of the slick salve they've never used it specifically on him. Nikki imagines, given how it feels on her when they're having sex, it must be more intense for Ian now.

It's a good kind of intense apparently. Ian's biting his lip to keep back the flow of his curse words - always a good sign. Charlie's intent on his work - his deep focus from academia working just as well in his interpersonal relations - blocking out everything but Ian.

Ian's hands are, of course, buried in Charlie's dark curls. Nikki wonders where this fascination began for her lover. Was it his own dark wavy hair that turned him to start? Or was there a first, a person he so desired he's been chasing them in a way since then?

She's not met anyone else with such a fetish, but then - looking around the room - it's not like there's a shortage of brunets in the world. Still, of all of them Nikki likes to think her curls are the best, but Charlie - depending on his haircut - usually comes in second. Amita's clearly using hot rollers and Robin wears hers mostly straight with just a few waves or curls at the ends.

A strangled start of a consonant is choked off when Ian comes - he almost swore aloud but kept it in at the last second.

After another short break for clean up, Charlie gazes longingly at Amita a moment then steps back into the center for his turn.


Charlie's a sly one. Rather than spin, he takes his place in the center staring at his brother, tapping his finger against his lips as if he's trying to make up his mind.

Then he spins 180 degrees and points at his brother's fiancee, a wicked grin on his face.

Robin just chuckles as she rises; all's fair since her fiance just enjoyed the attentions of Charlie's intended.

She presents herself with a gesture of splayed arms, a sort of 'show me what you've got' challenge.

He calmly refuses to acknowledge her challenge though and just pulls another surprise from his pocket: a blindfold.

He holds it up as if in question, asking permission.

Looking intrigued, Robin nods and Charlie puts it over her eyes.

Once it's done he lets her stand there, her anticipation rising as he circumambulates her, eyes taking her in from head to toe as if trying to figure out where best to begin.

He stops behind her and lifts her hair, breathing hot against the back of her neck.

Nikki can see Robin's shiver from the couch; it's by no means cold in the apartment - in fact she's feeling more than a bit too warm but that's hardly to do with the thermostat - so it must be from Charlie.

She watches as his lips graze down the side of her long pale neck, barely touching her skin. It's more a suggestion - a tease.

Fingertips skate down from her shoulders to her wrists, earning him yet another shiver. Nikki's anticipation is right up there with Robin's. With a preamble like this the main show's got to be good and since she's been with Charlie she knows how good it can be.

After another breath-holding pause, Charlie slowly begins to unzip the back of Robin's dress.

The rules say no clothing removal, but they do allow for clothing to be adjusted for access and with all the access they've had so far this is only a little different. Robin doesn't protest, especially when Charlie starts placing languid kisses down the length of her spine.

There's been an undercurrent of energy the whole night, a vibe that made people feel amped enough to move fast. Charlie's slowed that all down now, lingering over Robin's porcelain skin like he might never get a chance again. He might not, but somehow Nikki thinks the Eppes men and their women will not only survive the test of this night but come out stronger like she and Ian have in the past.

She glances away reluctantly to look at Ian. He's got his normal enigmatic expression on, but she knows he's really enjoying this. He's motionless, but when his eyes flick to her it makes her jump a little inside; his gaze is always strong enough to affect her.

She flashes him a smile, bats her eyelashes for good measure just to make him break his expression and grin for her, then turns her attention back to the floor show.

Charlie's slid down the straps on Robin's dress just enough so the rise of her breasts is a bit more visible. At their current angle she's got the best view of Robin's chest and in a flash before Charlie's head gets in the way she can see that Robin's wearing a cupless lace shelf bra underneath - nothing to cover her soft pink areolas at all.

That is until Charlie gets his mouth on one.

Even blindfolded, Robin's reaction is beautiful. She lets her head fall back and her mouth fall open as her hands weave into Charlie's curls to encourage him. Clearly she's sensitive there if her breathy gasps are any indication.

Nikki decides to take a few seconds to check in with the others in the room.

Don's watching, only a tiny quirk of his lips at the sides proof he's taking this all in and enjoying it - his eyes are so intent, his face unreadable otherwise.

It's harder to look at Amita, sitting on the sofa beside her, without being noticed so Nikki uses the excuse of kicking off her shoes, while making sure to toss them away out of the field of play as she learned from Ian - and then repositioning to tuck her legs underneath her. Using that time to get a good look she can see Amita is squirming in sympathy with Robin. It's not been that long since the orgasm Ian gave Amita, but she's clearly amped and ready for a second round.

When she looks back, drawn by Robin's suddenly increased vocalizations, she finds that Charlie's suckling the other nipple and now has his hand under her skirt and between her legs.

Nikki's not sure if Charlie raided his pockets for the herbal lubricant, but if he did Robin's in for a treat.

In her Manolos Robin's clearly having trouble staying standing, bent over Charlie half for support and half out of her body curling in on itself in ecstasy.

Her hands claw uselessly for purchase against his back and her hair has fallen over her face so it's harder to see her, but her high-pitched gasps punctuate the air in time with Charlie's hand movements; he's got to be finger fucking her beneath that red dress. Nikki squirms in her seat herself - Amita had the right idea.

Just as Nikki's sure Robin's going to lose it Charlie stops, drops to his knees and she watches his head disappear beneath her dress.

This time Robin really does almost topple. Only Charlie's firm hands and a bit of luck keep those heels beneath her as she moans her way through a body-shaking release as Charlie tongues her to a violent completion.

Once he extricates himself he half-guides half-carries her to the floor, letting her rest, petting her gently as she comes down, then removing the blindfold and zipping her dress back up.

What comes next should be interesting, Nikki realizes, because as exhausted as she is, Robin's up next.


They are certainly resilient these Eppes women.

Robin bounces back by peeling off her shoes, shaking her head as she looks at them - making them all chuckle - and tossing them to join Nikki's shoes off to the side.

Still on the floor, she props her head up on her elbow and uses her free hand to beckon to Amita to join her there.

Amita smiles and takes a minute to remove her own shoes and set them aside before settling down on the floor, that gorgeous gold sarong sliding open to reveal much of her legs.

Nikki watches, wondering what red and gold and chocolate brown would look like all together.

At first it's just them kissing languidly, giving Robin time to recover, but it's clear to all of them that Robin's the dominant party and that Amita is all too willing to submit to her future sister-in-law's wishes.

Once Robin's ready, she urges Amita to settle on her back and moves over her, starting a tour of her tawny skin with lips and tongue. The sarong skirt is encouraged to slip open as Robin licks her way up to the top of the exposed thigh, taking her time. A delicate hand is lifted to her mouth and Nikki swallows hard as she watches Robin suck down one manicured finger suggestively.

Even Charlie squirms and it's then that it hits Nikki that while Charlie was just up for two rounds he spent them getting Ian and Robin off. He's the only one of them who hasn't gotten off yet. She makes up her mind right there that if she gets another turn tonight she's picking Charlie to rectify that situation. It's wonderful to give your lovers gifts of attention, but Ian's always been about everyone enjoying themselves - no one sacrificing at all. In fact, it occurs to her, that Ian's automatically keeping score to make sure everyone has a good time. He's good like that - an excellent host.

When she draws her attention back to the floor show Robin's moved up to Amita's chest and has pushed her dress aside to lave a dusky nipple with her tongue. Robin slips down Amita's body, pushing the sarong halves out of her way to nudge aside the tiny triangle of lacy thong covering her sex.

Thankfully Amita's not as shy as she seems and her hands are urging Robin on even as her head tilts back against the carpet, eyes closed in sensual bliss as Robin tongues her. Having so recently been on the receiving end, Nikki knows just how much Amita must be enjoying Robin's talents.

They all watch the slow seduction, enjoying the unfolding of Robin's appetite for Amita's quivering flesh. The build up is so long, when Amita finally grabs her wrist to halt her, shuddering her way through the long delicious aftermath of her second orgasm of the night, it almost seems a surprise that it's over.

No one's about to rush them as the two women ease their way back down, Robin petting Amita's pretty hair as she regains her composure.

The two share a lingering kiss that feels like a lovely 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' shared between two women who no longer need words to communicate. Nikki can see them being close in the decades to come once they both become officially Eppes women.

Musing as she is, she misses Amita's choice and it isn't until Amita taps her on the shin from the floor that she realizes she's up. Robin's already moved back to the couch and while there are three men to choose from, Amita apparently wants her.

Determined to make her mark, Nikki exits the sofa in a catlike manner, slinking her way on all fours to the middle of the rug where Amita waits, gorgeously disheveled. She circles her prey, making it clear she's planning on taking over for this encounter. Ian's had his chance to dominate Amita and damn if it didn't look like fun. And hot to boot.

Amita gets into the act right away, cowering a little as if a bunny rabbit stalked by a mountain lion. Only when Nikki pounces, Amita doesn't just take it - she comes back at Nikki, giving as good as she gets. It's not a fight really, just a spirited wrestling match that's clearly not a good idea with dresses like theirs on, but Nikki's sure that all the flashes of skin are just making their watchers enjoy the show all the more.

She's not sure when the struggle shifts, but it's Amita's doing. She's not trying to get away now, she's trying to get closer. Nikki gets into the heat of it, grasping with hands, rubbing their bodies together - trying to keep Amita's lithe frame beneath her, relying on her law enforcement training for the upper hand.

Their kisses grow more passionate, fierce, and when Nikki bites Amita's tender flesh and earns an earthy moan of appreciation the teeth really get bared. Amita bites her too, but always careful not to press too hard. Nikki's had plenty of experience with Ian and knows just how far to push it without leaving a mark. Still, she holds back a little, accounting for Amita's more tender skin, but it's hard because she tastes and smells amazing. It's mostly her hair, but the scent of sweat, sex, spices and shampoo all meld into one intoxicating aroma that has Nikki planning to explore fragrance in the bedroom with Ian more aggressively.

They become such a tangle it's hard to keep track of everything. Hands are on asses, tongues on nipples, Nikki's thigh is rubbing Amita's mound one moment and the next they've shifted so Amita's fingernails are scraping their way up Nikki's inner thighs trailed by a blur of what's left of her lipstick.

Nikki's wondering if this will end in a draw; it's all endless play but with no actual final act in sight. As much as she's enjoying this, there's been an unspoken guideline to not hog the floor as it were and Nikki's acutely aware of how much this is turning on poor Charlie who hasn't had a proper turn yet.

She takes a page from Ian's book and pins Amita abruptly, more with body than hands, but she growls as if she means business and Amita stops fighting back except for show - which is what she enjoys anyway.

Keeping her underneath, Nikki makes like she's ravishing Amita's neck like an animal while her nimble fingers find their way into wetness: thumb rubbing her clit, fingers fucking her cunt and her pinkie teasing at her ass.

It's a lot all at once, but it works: Amita all but arches off the floor with a long moan, shuddering hard before falling to earth, still quivering.

Nikki tries not to look too smug, but she can't help a glance at Ian whose smirking face is enough to show his approval, but he graces her with a tiny nod as well. She beams, proud, as Amita's still trying to get her breathing back under control.


It actually takes a while for Amita to recover enough to slither back to her seat on the couch, giving Nikki a little squeeze of her hand on her arm as if she can't manage more of a thank you than that, she's too spent.

Once she has center stage, Nikki wastes no time and all but hauls Charlie out of his seat to join her on the floor. She's not going to make him try to stand for this and she's not expecting anything in return; this is her gift to him.

She straddles him before he has a chance to respond and he just laughs at the fervor with which she works to get his pants open.

His laughter is cut off when she swallows him down without preamble, replaced by a choked off noise that tells her just how hard it's been for him to be patient.

Distracted as she knows he is, she hopes he doesn't notice her sneaking her hands into his pockets, searching for the herbal lube. Turnabout is fair play, after all, and if Ian enjoyed it as much as she figures, Charlie deserves that much sensation after all the waiting he's done.

She finds it and slicks one hand with it surreptitiously, making sure she gives him a good ride before she reverts to her hands - it's only fair.

She chuckles around his cock as she notices Charlie's stub short fingernails raking useless trails through her rug and feels him jolt at the sensation. She's more careful after that - too much stimulation and he'll explode ahead of schedule and she won't get to spring her surprise on him.

Charlie's not usually this quiet, she realizes, and when she looks up she sees that he's biting his lip - probably more to keep from coming so he can enjoy it longer than to hold back a stream of curse words. That's Ian's particular foible and a very rare one at that.

She decides to not make him wait any longer and pulls off, replacing her mouth with her hands and slicking him from root to tip in one tight stroke.

Forget biting his lip; Charlie's mouth is a big O of surprise as a loud exclamation of pleased shock escapes him. His whole body writhes and his hands grip her arms as if seeking to be grounded in case he might float away.

At least that's what it looks like a second later when he comes so hard and so loud she actually worries that her neighbors might have heard him over the background music Ian keeps on from during dinner and the fairly sound-proofed walls.

Amusingly he takes longer than Amita to recover, but when he does he pulls Nikki into a wonderful kiss that shows her just how much he appreciates her effort to make sure he had a lovely evening.

Nikki smiles. One day she'd like to host her own party and this tells her that she'd probably do a good job even without Ian's assistance, though he'd be happy to let her have her chance at party planning. He's never made her feel like an accessory to bring to his own parties. She's always been treated like a part of him; part and parcel of the Ian package yet a person all to herself as well. She's not quite sure how he manages that, but it makes her feel both independent and part of something special at the same time.

Another moment for clean up and it's time for Charlie to choose. It's a no-brainer to Nikki; Charlie's already been with Robin - the main person she would have expected him to choose on this 'sample the other couple' night - and both the hosts so all that's left is Don unless for some odd reason he chooses his own fiancee. No one's done that so far tonight. It's not about established couples so much as sampling what you don't have at home.

But after a long gaze at Don, Charlie turns and points to Ian.

Nikki just blinks. She's been paying reasonably close attention and this is clearly the first and only repeat of the night. She's kind of disappointed. Part of the allure of the night had been - for her anyway - a chance to see that amazing connection between Don and Charlie again. And, if truth be told, she really wants to see the impact on the fiancees.

Even Ian looks hesitant as he rises, but he's not one to turn a guest down. Still, Nikki can't help but feel like this isn't how the evening was supposed to go.

Ian comes up behind Charlie and encircles him in his arms in a way that looks like seduction to the naked eye, but with how well Nikki knows Ian she can read the hint of protectiveness and reassurance offered there. Charlie leans back against Ian, closing his eyes as Ian kisses his way down Charlie's neck. He takes his time, ostensibly to give Charlie time to recover from any anxiety this decision might have caused him, kissing and caressing as his body moves ever so subtly against Charlie's backside.

It occurs to her as well that Ian's giving Charlie time to recover and Nikki feels a tiny bit of pity for the time men need to recover between orgasms. Not much though, because she's seen how much fun it looks like to have a cock and while she's more than happy being a girl she knows that it's got to be some damn fun equipment.

The evening definitely feels like it's winding down and Nikki finds herself wondering how Ian plans to bring it to an end. Part of her wishes she could be in on the whole behind the scenes planning, but there's another part of her that loves being a participant who gets to see the whole event unfold in real time as an experience.

Returning from her distracting thoughts she sees that Charlie is starting to feel the effects of Ian's touches, arching up into his hand every time Ian's palm passes over the burgeoning bulge in his suit pants.

Ian must know Charlie's responding because he ups his efforts touching him yet still denying him the full contact he needs to get off. He hasn't even undone Charlie's pants.

The languid pace of the recent encounters is long gone and the spark of energy is back in full swing as Ian puts Charlie completely under his control.

And then he does something Nikki should have seen coming, but didn't.

Ian beckons to Don to join them.

In truth it's more demanding than asking since Don barely gets to the edge of the couch before Ian grabs the front of his shirt and hauls him up for a bruisingly hard kiss, one that Don responds avidly to.

Ian's amazing to watch, devouring Don while at the same time keeping Charlie going with his hands. It's a beautiful thing to watch, this handoff if you will. Ian replaces his hands with Don's on Charlie's body and starts caressing Don to get him in the mood for more.

Charlie's far from oblivious to the change and turns to face his brother only to receive a voracious kiss of his own.

The women, all three of them, gasp collectively and then hold their breath. Nikki doesn't even need to look over to know both of them are rapt beside her - not that she could look away. The three men are clearly putting on the night's best show, even if they did kind of cheat in terms of using more than two people.

And then, abruptly, Ian steps away. It's then that Nikki realizes Ian orchestrated this perfectly. Don didn't have to choose Charlie and Charlie didn't have to choose Don, yet they ended up having their chance with each other. She's not sure if this was discussed with either brother ahead of time; she thinks not. She gets the sense that Charlie wanted to choose Don, but couldn't bring himself to do it. This just means he's off the hook, getting Ian to facilitate for them.

Rather than go sit in his regular seat on the sofa across from them, Ian walks over to where Nikki is sitting, scoops her up in his arms - making her yelp in surprise - then sitting in her still warm seat and keeping her on his lap.

It's unexpected, but the feel of Ian's warm body surrounding her always feels good and even better when the entertainment is two hot brothers kissing and touching each other in front of their future wives. Somehow the presence of the women makes this almost unbearably hot for Nikki. When she shoots a glance over to revel in their reactions she's not disappointed. Amita's got her hand in her own lap, making frustrated little movements against her own crotch. Robin's still and staring in arousal, the only movement that of her fingertips skimming just inside the neckline of her dress. She's breathing so hard that Nikki's almost mesmerized by the rise and fall of her chest, making the swell of her breasts in the low cut bodice all the more appealing.

Amazingly the frenetic activity slowing is what draws her attention back to the brothers. The initial throes are past and now the movements are more deliberate, thoughtful. At one point Don actually stops kissing Charlie and pulls back to look at him, hands framing his face. Charlie stops too, gazing up at his big brother with such raw and open adoration it takes Nikki's breath away. She can't even fathom what it would be like, experiencing that level of love with someone who'd known you since birth, but it's clear on Charlie's face that he loves Don with his entire being. And Don... In that moment he locks eyes with Charlie there's so much emotion there it's stupefying. His pride, his protectiveness, his attraction, his appreciation, his love and his longing all battle for time on Don's expression, his face saying more in that moment than in any normal day.

Ian tightens his arms around her and she nestles closer, that wonderful love in front of her making her want to tap into her own great love. When Ian presses a kiss into her hair she sighs against him, content. There's plenty of love to go around and she's already got her man. As much as she shares him with others, she knows his love is all hers at the end of the night.

Don leans in and kisses Charlie with heartbreaking tenderness as Charlie melts against him - both of them seeming to completely relish this moment.

But when they break apart? They're both smiling, not just from happiness, but it honestly looks like they know something the rest of them don't.

Apparently they do, well, save Ian who is never surprised.

Charlie steps away from his brother, turns to Amita and offers her his hand. She takes it, looking unsure as to what to expect, and he pulls her off the couch and into his arms - ravishing her with ardent kisses that she responds to immediately, as amped as she is. Limbs already twining, Charlie pulls her away to the nearby bathroom, the door slamming behind them.

The sounds of wanton sex ensue: things being knocked over, repeated thumps and Amita's voice louder than ever extolling her pleasures even through the door.

Smirking, Don offers his hand to Robin who instead beckons with her finger for Don to join her on the couch.

Ian rises with Nikki still in his arms and carries her off to the bedroom.

The last thing she sees is Robin pulling Don down to the couch, jacking up the skirt of her dress and straddling him.


Ian leaves the door open; he knows how much of a turn on sound is for her.

They both rush to get his pants undone and Ian tears off her thong with one strong yank, the lace falling away in his fist. He drives into her and she has to bite her tongue to keep herself from crying out yes, yes, god damn finally yes

She tunes in to the others and can hear her couch moving with the force of Don and Robin fucking, her earthy groans, his hoarse pants, and she pictures Robin riding Don: head thrown back, dress pushed up as Don braces his feet on the floor to thrust up hard into her.

The bathroom's still rattling; Charlie's certainly got some decent stamina there. She hears yet another thing fall over as Amita's whines go high pitched. She imagines Charlie standing between her legs as she sits on the counter edge, bracing herself against the mirrors on the side and behind her - leaving passionate palm prints behind. Charlie could have one of her legs hooked over his elbow as he drives into her deeply, ravishing that long neck as he holds her just shy of release.

A sound barely short of a scream is married to a familiar groan of completion from Charlie and she smiles, imagining them crashing hard together.

And then Ian drags her attention back to them by moving them, still joined, so that she's in his lap. He guides her, bouncing over him, and drags her dress down on one side to capture a nipple in his mouth just as he slips a finger in her ass.

This time it's her making the noise as her nerve endings all scream out in nirvana - so much stimulation all at once she goes taut, letting it all flow out of her via her mouth like an eruption of sexual tension that leaves her limp in Ian's arms, beyond sated as he grasps her tight, emptying himself deep inside her with a muffled near curse, buried in her skin.

Over her pants and Ian's she can hear Don and Robin in the living room, still going at it full force. Don's got some serious stamina going. They're back to breathing normal before Robin starts escalating to whines of need in time with Don's grunts of force.

The sound that rises up from Robin's throat when she comes is almost feral in its wildness and if Nikki hadn't just had sex it would have totally flipped all her switches. She wishes she'd had the forethought to wire the apartment for recording and grins figuring she might have another dinner party idea on her hands.

She curls up with Ian, laying her head on his chest. There's no rush, no rush at all. Let the other couples have their afterglow in private too. Nikki's got a mental recording of the sounds and her wonderful imagination to replay.

She thinks she might just have to share her visuals with Ian later. Nothing like replaying a good dinner party for him to spice things up in bed. She's with Ian for the long haul, she knows that, but she's never going to stop trying to think of ways to please him because she knows he'll never stop coming up with ways to please her.


Charlie and Amita give their all clear by opening the bathroom door. Ian waits until he hears Don and Robin pouring wine in the living room to come out and gesture Charlie and Amita to come out as well.

Don and Robin are clinking glasses, then draining their glasses of wine before joining the others in the living room.

Ian gestures his thanks to all of them then goes about his final kisses of the evening.

Amita is first: soft, sweet and with a smile after it that's more kindness than passion. She offers Ian an almost shy smile in return even though everyone now knows just how shy she isn't.

Robin is next. It's a relaxed kiss, but certainly not reserved. Robin gestures a thank you back to Ian which he accepts with a nod.

Charlie steps into Ian's arms for a hug before their kiss, showing his affection and gratitude. This kiss is unusually brief, but the glance they share afterward is filled with meaning.

Don also embraces Ian, patting his back with vigor. They share a brief but real kiss and Don offers him an appreciative smile as they nod at each other in understanding.

The men help the women into their coats and then Ian helps Don and Charlie into their jackets then puts on his own.

With a flourish of his arm, he ushers them out - Don taking a moment to grab Robin's wine carrier and the women plucking their discarded hair pins from the table as well. Ian pauses to give Nikki a sweet kiss before they exit then holds up a hand to get her to wait. He dashes into the bedroom and returns with his house keys, locking up behind them as they head outside.

The limousine driver opens the door for them and they all climb in.

The night's still fairly young so they drive up Mulholland to enjoy the city lights, finishing off the evening with a second bottle of champagne. It's romantic and lovely and each couple is curled up together happily - women leaning back against their men as the men wrap their arms around them.

It's nice to have couples to socialize with. It's not something Nikki's ever done before, spending so much of her time single or dating. Dates were always with just the guy and parties were with groups. But this? This is a wonderful way to spend an evening even without the play - although she's all for the play aspect of it. If she wasn't she wouldn't be with Ian.

She marvels once again at how good Ian is at making her happy. She discovers more about what she likes around him as he exposes her to more of the world: new tastes, new adventures, new places… It's a good life he offers her and she can't wait for more.

Charlie and Amita get dropped off first and hugs are exchanged as well as fairly innocuous kisses on the cheek; they are back in public pretty much. They wave goodbye then turn off the porch light when they go inside.

Robin's head is on Don's shoulder as they drive from Pasadena to Montrose. Their hands are joined over Don's knee and a streetlight catches the glint of her engagement ring. It's a beautiful diamond - tastefully large like Amita's - and she wears it well.

Again goodbyes are said without words, just fond embraces and kisses on the cheek. Nikki watches as Don slips his arm around Robin's waist and she leans her head against him as they walk away. They do not look like a couple about to have a heated debate about the impact of brother kissing on their relationship. They look ready to fall asleep in each other's arms after a lovely romantic evening together.

Ian was apparently right: the Eppes men found women like her who are not only accepting of their interests, they're willing to participate - at least to some extent. Nikki had figured herself to be fairly unique in how open she was about her relationship with Ian, how she felt about sharing him, but either she's not or the Eppes men are damn lucky.

As she lets Ian curl his arms around her, she leans back against him deciding it's probably both.


After all the wine and champagne Nikki's feeling just lovely as the limousine turns up Pacific Coast Highway for another coastal tour. It's not that late, but late enough the traffic is quiet so they ride and enjoy the view.

The crashing surf is soothing and the empty beaches are gorgeous by moonlight. After a while the driver pulls off at a lookout point overseeing a particularly nice vista. She turns up the heat and lowers the window so the sea air can come in.

It's cool out, but with the heater - and Ian, her personal source of warmth - she enjoys the scent of salt on the air and the rhythmic sound of the waves cycling on the shore.

She wants to remember this night - put it in a bottle and keep it forever as perfect as it is. She finds herself not telling Ian this because they haven't spoken all night. The dinner party is over so they could speak, but she doesn't want to be the one to break the spell - not so soon, not when she's still under its thrall.

Ian's fingers play in her curls and she leans into his touch, content. She wants to tell him she loves him so she does it with her eyes instead of words. His eyes answer the same and they kiss, pouring all their emotion into the moment, bringing the evening to its perfect conclusion.

Or so she thinks.

She pulls back when Ian does to find him pulling something out of his pocket. She watches, blinking in shock, as he produces a small black velvet box and opens it.

It's an engagement ring.

Her heart races and her head spins dizzy, the roar of the surf not as loud as the roar in her ears of her mind going into shock.

She barely hears him speak over the noise in her head, but Ian's words somehow cut through the din and reach her.

"I don't care about pieces of paper or ceremonies or other people's expectations. What this ring means to me isn't just marriage. It means I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Do you want that too?"

He pulls the ring out and slips it on her finger. Her hands tremble; Ian's don't - they never do.

She feels heady with emotion, caught between passing out and screaming, and her brain's pulling her in so many different directions she has to work to make her mouth form a word to answer.


Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on January 1st, 2012 04:15 am (UTC)
The long awaited sequel to Dodger Blue has arrived!

I'm sorry this took so long, but I ended up really not liking the first draft of this fic and ended up sitting on it for ages before I came up with an alternative climax. (Yeah, I said climax.) It just wasn't up to the level of quality that Jet Black and Dodger Blue had been. I still don't think it's as good, but I had to finish and publish it anyway. It was a greater challenge to have het couples swapping partners than just a three or foursome and I didn't realize how hard it would be until I was trying to list out the pairings. LOL

Still, it's that mix of porn and romance that I really like in this series. Who knew something as simple as not letting anyone talk would open the pathway to a really interesting and sexy universe?

All the wines and candies mentioned exist IRL as does the wonderful cherimoya fruit. Yum! I don't drink so I know nothing about wine, but those varieties sounded good based on my research.

Thanks to all who were patiently nudging me about this over the years, especially the lovely mustangcandi who started this all with her fab ian_nikki comm. Here's hoping it doesn't take as long to get to the next installment. (Which features Edgecest!) I'm open to suggestions for a title if anyone has a color phrase to match the rest of the series. Brown perhaps? Silver? Gold? Bronze?

Very special thanks to betas melissima, penguingal, dizzydrea and t_vo0810 and to mustangcandi for their assistance with this fic.


Emma DeMarais
numberbiscuitnumberbiscuit on January 26th, 2016 09:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Confession
Okay but does the herbal lube exist in IRL too? :0
If the wines exist there is hope yet...
Candi: OMG YAY!mustangcandi on January 1st, 2012 05:50 am (UTC)

Happy New Year to me! I literally had tears in my eyes when I saw that you posted this!

God, so good. I am literally at a loss for words. I think you nailed it when you said it's the mix of porn and romance that I really like in this series. That Ian and Nikki can share and be shared and yet have this warm, delicious, no fuss, no muss love between them... it just presses all my buttons!

Add to that all the different colors and textures in this fic... so many I can't even describe or tell you which is my favorite. I love them all. The spin the bottle idea was just... goodness... a plethora of riches.

And then, the whole tie in of Amita's ring and Robin's ring... before Nikki gets one of her own? I died. I just. Died.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for starting this whole series for ian_nikki with Ian's curl kink for Nikki and Charlie and then giving us more by throwing in Don's curls and now this. Gah.

Don't think I didn't notice that you ALSO slipped in there might be more to come of this series. Are you trying to kill me? If so... thank you. I'm going to die happy. (And may I suggest either silver or gold... since it seems the next step is weddings, weddings, everywhere... I am thinking Liz and David (although he's got a shaved head... hmmmm) can be invited and it's a bachelorette/bachelor party extravaganza. Damn. I need to go to my bunk thinking about all this tastiness.)

You're just the best Emma. I'm so glad you're my friend, and that has nothing to do with fiction. I hope 2012 brings you only good things, darlin'. Thanks for being you... for being wonderful. *hugs
melissima: Garcia Bravamelissima on January 1st, 2012 06:57 am (UTC)
YUM. Damn, Emma! Just when I think you can't possibly make something any hotter than it is, you have Amita crossing her wrists in front of Ian.

I loved that Ian made sure Charlie got what he really wanted, and that Amita and Robin could enjoy it instead of freaking out. It's delicious and wonderful.

Speaking of delicious? This Robin is incredibly yummy. Equal parts polish and primal sex appeal, with a healthy dose of intelligence and wit. I hope we get more of her in future installments.

/Applause/ Brava, my dear, Brava!
ladygray99ladygray99 on January 1st, 2012 04:48 pm (UTC)
Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a pogo stick!

You are and shall ever be the queen of N3 smut. Let no one ever tell you otherwise.
(Anonymous) on January 9th, 2012 01:16 am (UTC)
Wow; amazing; spectacular! I think you're selling yourself short if you think this sequel is not like the preceding two stories. They all flow wonderfully and maintain that same hint of play, seriousness, romance, and porn throughout.

--Laura from Indiana
rubynye on January 21st, 2012 02:44 pm (UTC)
I have been reading this all week, in bits, like eating a box of chocolate. Ohb, it's gorgeous and satisfying! Eee!