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25 August 2006 @ 01:22 am
VarietyPack100 Multi-Fandom Challenge Prompt Table  
Fic Published: 35
Prompts Published: 64
Fandoms Published: The Unit, Criminal Minds, Heroes, Bones, Miracles, Torchwood, Blood Ties, Doctor Who, Psych, The Mentalist, Primeval, Firefly, Leverage, Cupid, Dollhouse, X-Men

varietypack100 Prompt Table

001.Beginnings 002.Middles 003.Ends 004.Insides 005.Outsides
006.Hours 007.Days 008.Weeks 009.Months 010.Years
011.Red 012.Orange 013.Yellow 014.Green 015.Blue
016.Purple 017.Brown 018.Black 019.White 020.Colourless
021.Friends 022.Enemies 023.Lovers 024.Family 025.Strangers
026.Teammates 027.Parents 028.Children 029.Birth 030.Death
031.Sunrise 032.Sunset 033.Too Much 034.Not Enough 035.Sixth Sense
036.Smell 037.Sound 038.Touch 039.Taste 040.Sight
041.Shapes 042.Triangle 043.Square 044.Circle 045.Moon
046.Star 047.Heart 048.Diamond 049.Club 050.Spade
051.Water 052.Fire 053.Earth 054.Air 055.Spirit
056.Breakfast 057.Lunch 058.Dinner 059.Food 060.Drink
061.Winter 062.Spring 063.Summer 064.Fall 065.Passing
066.Rain 067.Snow 068.Lightning 069.Thunder 070.Storm
071.Broken 072.Fixed 073.Light 074.Dark 075.Shade
076.Who? 077.What? 078.Where? 079.When? 080.Why?
081.How? 082.If 083.And 084.He 085.She
086.Choices 087.Life 088.School 089.Work 090.Home
091.Birthday 092.Christmas 093.Thanksgiving 094.Independence 095.New Year
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice

Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on August 25th, 2006 08:35 am (UTC)
I did it!

I finally took the plunge and signed up at one of the 100 fic comms.

Helping audrarose with her slash100 prompts whet my appetite, but I still held back.

What finally sunk me was finding that my new fandoms - Criminal Minds, The Unit and Psych - don't have drabble or flashfic comms for me to get involved with.

I didn't really want to create any new comms (Running numb3rs100 with melissima already keeps me pretty busy), but I did want to write some short fic for those fandoms.

I went looking at fanfic100, but they require you to not only commit to a single fandom but wait until your claim gets approved to start writing. I don't have that kind of patience plus I wasn't game for 100 fic for each of these fandoms. I don't even want to do 100 for Numb3rs and that's my primary fandom!

I found exactly what I wanted in the fanfic100 affiliates list.

varietypack100 is just like fanfic100, but it's multi-fandom and more laid back. Perfect!

They had me up and running in less than an hour and now I have four prompts already written for a Unit fic series called The Elements. I'll be christening this table with links to it tomorrow and will be adding additional fic from that point on.

Right now I have a slew of fandoms planned: the three I added this month (Criminal Minds, The Unit, Psych) plus some older ones that I never got around to ficcing but would like to (Miracles, Brimstone). I have no plans to include Numb3rs or Supernatural since I already belong to drabble/flashfic comms for those fandoms, but I try to never say never since 100 is a lot of prompts to write. There's also a good chance I'll sneak in some additional fandoms over time. I've written BTVS/ATS and X Files before so those could happen as well as Firefly/Serenity. (All Hail Joss Whedon!) /snicker/ Past that it's anybody's guess. Prison Break? Jericho? House? Medium? MI-5? Smallville? Charmed? I love that I'm not constrained in the fandoms I can write for this!

I might even use these prompts for test run fic on shows that other people would like to see me get interested in like Regenesis, Life on Mars, Da Vinci's Inquest and Harsh Realm. Who knows? I might start Netflixing or streaming old TV series and you'll end up with oddball fic like Dark Justice or Wonderfalls or even gasp Glory Days! (Considering most shows I like get canceled I'm sure there's a bunch out there I could revive if properly inspired.)

For now, The Unit is coming soon likely with a Criminal Minds chaser. ;-)

I hope you enjoy my 100 fic.


Emma DeMarais