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27 January 2014 @ 09:47 pm
Numb3rs Fic: Make It All Go Away  
Written for numb3rs100 Challenge #456 - Away

Title: Make It All Go Away
Pairing/Characters: Megan/Larry
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 200
Spoilers: Seasons 1 and 2
Summary: People don't really understand them as a couple
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

People didn't get them as a couple. People didn't get Larry.

They thought it was weird for Megan to choose to be with someone 'beneath' her in looks, completely ignoring Larry's brilliant mind.

They thought it was odd for Megan to choose to be with someone so much older than her, ignoring the fact that she was in her 30s and never married.

They thought it wouldn't work for Megan to choose to be with someone outside of law enforcement, missing the fact that they met when Larry was consulting for the FBI.

What no one else figured out was that when Megan had seen too much ugliness and violence in the world, this simple peaceful man with such a gentle nature could take her in his arms and make it all go away.

This was the most wondrous gift she could imagine and she couldn't want anything more in a companion. To love and be loved, anyone could do. But to heal her soul and keep her sane in a world where bad guys could get away with horrible things? That, to her, was optimal to use one of Larry's favorite terms.

People didn't get Megan, but Larry did.

izhilzha: Larry/Megan dreamizhilzha on January 30th, 2014 03:44 am (UTC)
Ah, yes, this is perfectly them!

And a large part of the reason why I ship this couple harder than any other in all of my fandoms.

(I have an NC17 missing scene from "Power" waiting to be finished, which is basically a sexy version of exactly what you say here: Larry can take Megan in his arms and make all the rest of it go away.)