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28 September 2006 @ 11:59 am
Numb3rs Fic: U is for Undercover  
Written for numb3rsficathon Challenge – Letter U
Crossposted to numb3rs_slash

Title: U is for Undercover
Series/Universe: U is for Undercover
Pairing/Characters: Don/OMC
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Counterfeit Reality, For Bettor or Worse, Soft Target, Toxin, Spree, Two Daughters
Summary: Don goes undercover playing an attractive DEA agent's boyfriend
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

"It could work."

"It will work."

Don watched as Megan and Agent Navarro of the DEA faced off across the room. Watching them debate the best way to approach a joint undercover operation targeting a major drug dealer had been like watching a tennis match. Megan pushed her psychological perspective and Diego had stressed that Hispanic cultural differences meant her statistic based generalizations wouldn't fit the drug dealer's tightly knit community.

"You're that certain?" Megan crossed her arms and stared Diego down. It had taken close to an hour to work out a compromise of sorts.

"Hey, it's my life on the line if it goes south." Diego put his hands out in a gesture of peace. "But I wouldn't do it if I thought I was putting a fellow agent in unnecessary danger."

Megan pulled out a chair and sat, her subtle acknowledgment that the debate was over.

"So, we're settled then. You'll approach Valdives at the party and try to get him into a private room to set up the deal. If you can get him to talk about the homicides we're all done as far as the FBI is concerned. If not, we'll see about arranging a second op with you and the DEA."

"It's unlikely that he'll talk about the homicides around me during the first meeting," Diego said, pulling up a chair across the conference table from Don. "But it could happen. He doesn't know me that well yet. I mean, I got an invite to the party, but it's not like he's trusting me with his criminal activities."

"Fine, so we're set then," Don interjected. "You take one of our agents with you to the party as your date and that way both agencies have an in – you for your drug deal, us for the homicides."

"Most of us have some undercover experience," Megan said. "If you need to show up with a blonde bombshell we could have Sheila do it, otherwise I'm up for it."

"Um, actually..." Diego scratched the back of his neck and hesitated a few seconds. "Valdives is expecting me to show up with, uh, my boyfriend."

"Oh." Megan sat back in her chair and Colby chuckled silently behind his hand until David elbowed him.

"Sorry," Diego offered with a placating smile. "Valdives already knows I'm gay. It actually helped get me in the door because he felt like he could trust me around his daughter, if you can believe that."

"Fine, so we just send you out with one of our male agents. Not a problem." Don shrugged. "Plenty to choose from."

"How about you?" Diego turned and stared at Don.

Don felt a little jolt inside as Diego's eyes met his own. "Me?"

"You're the most knowledgeable about all the players," Diego explained. "If Valdives invites me into a private room as planned, you'll be left to fend for yourself for a while. If you can recognize the key players and know their relationships..."

"He could pick up some intel on his own," Megan finished. "Good idea. Don, we'll wire you as well."

Don opened his mouth to protest, but nothing came out. He glanced back at Diego who was watching him expectantly, his long straight hair hanging down past his cheekbones, blocking his expression from the others in the room so that only Don could see the intensity of his gaze. That energy he'd felt was still there and Don knew it had nothing to do with the danger of going undercover.

He nodded to Diego, who let a tiny grin slip out in response.

"I'll do it."


Megan sat with Colby in the surveillance van, listening in on Don and Diego's channels.

"Of course he's gay!" Megan complained. "He's hot, he's Latino and he's DEA? Why would he be available?"

"I thought you and Larry were seeing each other," Colby teased.

"I'm dating, Granger, not dead. You can't see a guy like Navarro and not react if you're a woman."

"Unless you're a lesbian," Colby teased.

"Well, I think I've got enough credibility with Larry to disprove that rumor."

"People think you're a lesbian?" Colby asked, surprised.

"You really are from a small town, aren't you, Granger?"

"Small doesn't mean backwards, Megan."

"Hey, Mr. Red Blooded American Boy Next Door, if you have ever had a grand total of more than three gay friends I'll buy you as much pizza as you can eat Friday night and knowing you that's a lot of pizza."

"More than three?" Colby asked. "Don't I get credit for the three I do know?"

"I rest my case."

David cut in on their comm line. "I can see them driving up to the estate now. I'm changing position so I can have a view of the backyard next."

"Hey David, if I tell Megan you're gay I get a night of free pizza. What do you say?"

"Would you rather have pizza or your ass kicked?"

"Oh, like you could..."

"Quiet! They're at the gate!" Megan adjusted the noise filters and checked to make sure they were recording on both channels.

Colby turned his attention to his own equipment.

"It's show time."



Diego broke into a wide gracious smile.

"Senor Valdives!"

The two men shook hands and Valdives turned his attention to Don.

"You must be Diego's boyfriend." He held out his hand to Don. "Welcome to my home."

"This is Don," Diego said nodding at him. "I've already told him a great deal about you."

"You have a beautiful home, Senor Valdives." Don offered, shaking his hand then gesturing around the ornate room.

"Thank you, my lovely daughter Inez decorated it for me. She has quite the eye." He gave Don a friendly smile. "So, your name is Don. You know in my culture," he gestured to Diego briefly, "our culture, the word Don is a title used to show respect for noblemen. It amuses me that you together would be called Don Diego."

Don and Diego shared a glance and both laughed politely.

"Come. Inez will be glad to see you. She's in the backyard, holding court with her many suitors, I'm sure."

As Valdives led them through the house, Diego subtly signaled Don to stay back a step or two and moved to walk along side the drug dealer.

"Senor, I realize this is a social gathering, but I was hoping you might be willing to give me a few minutes of your time in private later this evening. There is something I'd like to ask you that would not be prudent to speak of out in the open." Valdives eyed him and Diego smiled in return, acting casual. "Nothing important, I have just given my word that I would keep a matter in confidence and would only tell you. If you are too busy..."

Diego shrugged and backed off.

Valdives relaxed and gave him a gracious smile. "Of course, I can spare a few minutes for you. Right now I must greet my guests. We will talk later."

Diego nodded. "Gracias, Senor. Whenever is convenient for you."

As they neared the back door Diego fell back and took Don by the hand.

"We're good," he murmured.

Don squeezed his hand in return, hoping they would look convincing as a couple to other party goers and wishing the butterflies in his stomach were about the undercover op and not about Diego's hand in his.



At the sight of Inez' father the crowd of men around her all backed away in deference.

Valdives ushered Diego and Don forward. "Mija! Look who I found."


Inez embraced Diego and he kissed her cheek.

"You look beautiful as always, Inez."

"As do you," Inez teased. "And is this the boyfriend I've heard so much about? The one the girls are jealous of?"

Don flushed and smiled. He felt Diego's hand slip behind the small of his back, a subtle, almost protective gesture, but one that sent a fresh jolt through him – one he was barely able to conceal.

"Inez, this is Don. Don, this is Inez. Don't hate her because she wishes I was straight," Diego said, chuckling.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Inez." Don took her hand and pressed a chaste kiss to the back of it, just as Diego had instructed him to do.

"So charming!" Inez pretended to swoon. "The two of you are making me think I should have taken my mother's advice and become a nun."

"It's not too late!" her father interjected. After a hearty round of laughter, Valdives stepped back, excusing himself. "I must see to my guests. Inez will take good care of you."

"Gracias, Senor." Diego said, shaking his hand again.

"Gracias," Don echoed.

As he walked away, Inez reached over and gave Don a playful nudge on the arm. "Please tell me Diego has taught you more Spanish than that."

Don leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially in her ear. "Tengo un novio muy caliente."

They both turned and gave Diego an appraising glance up and down.

"Si..." Inez said, giggling.

Diego gave them both a suspicious look. "What did he tell you?"

"Nada," Don said nonchalantly as Inez continued to giggle.

Diego grabbed Don's hand and pulled him over to him. "Tease," he murmured then leaned in and kissed Don, wrapping his arms lightly around his waist and taking his time.

Don had thought he'd prepared himself for this to happen. He knew they had to keep cover and acting like a couple was part of it.

What wasn't part of the plan was him melting against Diego's body, pulling Diego closer to him, opening his mouth and welcoming Diego's tongue, his taste, his passion.

Diego pulled back when Inez tugged on his arm. "Break it up you lovebirds! The band is starting up and you have to come dance with me!"

As Inez pulled him away, Diego smiled and grabbed Don's hand.

Don let Diego pull him towards the band and the smile on his face wasn't part of his cover.


Diego managed to make it easy, dancing with Inez and Don at the same time as if it was perfectly natural. Before long, some of the suitors who had been scared off earlier started to return and Inez was pulled away to dance with them.

They kept dancing, staying close to Inez at first then allowing the ebb and flow of the dance floor to move them around so they could get a better look at who was there.

The band finished up a song and started in on a slower song. All the dancers who weren't couples left the floor and there was finally enough space around them that they could whisper and not risk being overheard.

Diego wrapped his arms around Don and set a steady tempo with his hips, dancing with a natural grace and bringing Don along with him effortlessly. Since Diego was several inches taller, it was easy for Don to speak close to his collar where the wire was sewn into his shirt, same as Don's.

"Adolpho Rodrigues, over by the bar."

"Ramon Melendez, to the left of the band."

"That's two felons with outstanding warrants. David, call for back up. We need two teams to tail Rodrigues and Melendez. We can't pick them up tonight or we'll blow Diego's cover, but if we watch them for a day or so and pick them up separately we should be okay."

"Pick Rodrigues up first," Diego added. "He's a flight risk."

They danced for a few minutes longer before Don leaned in again. "Sonia Marco just walked out of the house."

Diego deftly turned them so he could see. "Good eye," he said. "I wouldn't have recognized her looking like that. So if she's here..."

"Odds are Eladio is here with her. We'll have to wait and see though." Diego turned them again, but this time shifted his gaze to Don. "You're really good at this. Sure I can't convince you to do more undercover work?"

"What, are you going to offer me some kind of enticement so I'll play your boyfriend some more?" Don taunted playfully.

"Yes." Diego cupped Don's face in his hands and drew him in. Their breath mingled as Diego's mouth hovered over his own. "I fully intend on enticing you," he whispered.

This time the jolt went through Don's entire body. The scant air between them felt heated, almost malleable. When Diego finally closed the distance and covered Don's mouth with his own he was ready, tongue seeking its way hungrily into Diego's mouth as Diego's plunged into his.

The rational part of Don's brain that kept trying to remind him he was undercover was almost derailed when Diego brushed their hips together. Instantly he craved more, contact, skin...

"Get a room." Inez' teasing voice beside them broke them apart.

Thankfully, Diego was in control enough to toss a jab back. "You're just jealous you can't do that in front of your father."

"Watch me," Inez taunted, grabbing her dance partner and kissing his shocked face.

Don and Diego watched grinning as the man quickly recovered and began avidly kissing Inez back.

Diego turned his grin back on Don. "When in Rome..." he said with a playful shrug.

"Absolutely," Don agreed, pulling Diego down for another kiss.


Don saw him first, so he cocked his head to show Diego that Valdives was looking around, ostensibly for him.

"Wish me luck," Diego said quietly. He gave Don's hand a squeeze and then let it go reluctantly.

"Good luck." He watched Diego approach Valdives and greet him warmly. The two of them headed back into the house and Don looked after them, wishing Diego didn't have to go into a room alone with a murdering drug dealer. Taking a deep breath, he scanned the party and found Sonia Marco standing with a gray haired man who had his back to him.

Don wandered over to the bar and got a drink then casually walked around the pool as if he was merely soaking up the party atmosphere. It took a good five minutes to subtly make his way through the crowds and get close enough to confirm the man with her was her husband, Eladio Marco.

Once he had visual confirmation, he headed for what looked like a rose garden off the main patio area. No one else was there, so he felt confident he wouldn't be heard.

He wandered over to a tall bush covered in deep red roses and turned his back to the rest of the party.

"David," he whispered, bending his head down closer to his collar. "I have another tail for you to set up. Eladio Marco is here. His wife Sonia is with him so don't try to take him as they're driving away. Just find out where they're staying and we'll figure out with Diego when we can take all three of them without raising too much suspicion."


Don turned around and saw Inez approaching.


"Dónde está tu novio?"

"Con tu padre."

"Ahh, I see."

"They had some sort of business to discuss I think." Don said casually. "And you, where's your dance partner?"

Inez waved a hand dismissively. "They're all interchangeable. I'll find another one when the band starts up their next set." She stared at Don and he felt worried at the level of scrutiny in her expression. "You and Diego though. You two... It's not like that, is it?"

Don carefully constructed the relaxed confusion on his face as his inner warning bells started to go off. "What do you mean?"

"You two aren't, well, you're not really boyfriends, you know?" Don fought not to visibly tense up. "You act more like a married couple," Inez added as Don invisibly relaxed. "Seriously, that's what you seem like."

Don flashed her his most winning smile. "Well, unfortunately the government disagrees. No marriage for us."

"That's too bad, really. My brother – God rest his soul..." Inez paused to cross herself. "He had the most wonderful boyfriend. It truly wasn't fair that he and Eric couldn't marry. They were so perfect for each other."

"Diego told me about your brother's accident. I'm truly sorry for your loss."

"Thank you," Inez said quietly. "I think Ignazio would have liked you. Actually, Eric's here. I should introduce you if he hasn't left yet." Inez reached over to the rose bush and broke a bud off. She handed it to Don, who looked at her questioningly. "Para tu novio," she explained.

"Muchas gracias," he replied

"De nada." She tugged him by the sleeve and started walking out of the garden. "Come on, come back to the party..."


Don didn't realize how worried he was until Diego emerged from the house and the tension released from his shoulders.

He walked over to where Inez, Eric and Don were talking and gave Inez another kiss on the cheek in greeting.

"Eric, nice to see you again." Diego shook Eric's hand and gave him a warm smile. He slipped an arm around Don's waist and kissed his temple in greeting. "Miss me?"

"Definitely," Don answered. He slipped the rose bud into Diego's lapel, kissed him in return and then put his arm around Diego's waist as well.

"Inez is right, you two make a great couple," Eric said, nodding in approval.

Diego pulled Don in a little closer. "Yeah, I finally understand what it was you and Ignazio had. I was so jealous back then..." He gazed at Don affectionately. "Now I know."

For a moment, Don felt his facade slip away. What he saw in Diego's eyes looked real. He'd known the attraction between them couldn't be just an act, but this deeper emotion... It wasn't something Diego had to work hard for. There was something there already.

"Well, it's too early to say, of course, but Trevor and I are happy together."

Don broke their gaze reluctantly and turned back to Eric. "Yeah, I'm sorry he couldn't make it to the party."

Eric shrugged. "Down side of dating a doctor. On call means on call."

"Speaking of work..." Diego turned back to Don. "You said you needed a couple of hours tonight to finish up your reports. Can we stay longer or do we have to go?"

Don glanced at his watch. "We can stay another half hour or so, but I really need to get them done."

"Work? On a Saturday night?" Inez raised her eyebrows at Don.

Don laughed. "My fault. I was supposed to have them done before I left on Friday night, but somebody," he elbowed Diego lightly, "lured me away from the office before I could finish. The district manager is flying back in today from Sacramento and he'll be in the office on Sunday catching up before our sales meeting Monday morning. If the reports aren't there..." He drew a finger across his neck and punctuated it with a sound effect.

"Yeah, yeah, blame me," Diego joked. "You know you weren't going to stay there all night for some stupid reports."

"We'll never know, will we?" Don joked back. "I just know that that awful movie was two and a half hours of my life I'll never get back."

"Hey!" Diego protested. "That movie was good! It's not my fault you don't like Leonardo."

Don shuddered overtly and Eric laughed.

"I'm with Don. There are many hot actors, but Leo's not one of them."

"That's okay," Don said, melting into Diego's arms as he wrapped them around him. "I bring my own hot guy with me to the movies."


It took the better part of an hour to gracefully extract themselves and say their farewells so they could leave the party without undue attention.

Once they were in the car and Diego had gotten clear of the estate, Don finally spoke.

"What did you get from Valdives?"

"I got the deal out of him and I got two names of guys he said take care of problems for him. That makes them prime suspects for your homicide investigation. Reeves and Granger have probably already pulled their rap sheets since they heard the names over the wire." The light turned red and Diego stopped the car and turned to Don. "I meant what I said in there. You did great work."

Don looked closely at him, trying to read the subtext behind his words. "Is that the only thing you meant?" he asked quietly.

The light turned green, but before he could go, a black SUV came up behind them, flashing their dash mounted police lights briefly so Don would know it was his team.

Diego lowered his window as David rushed up to the car.

"The crew on the Marcos just called in. Sonia and Eladio are putting suitcases in a car as we speak. I know we didn't want to grab anyone so soon after the party, but if they're headed for the airport..."

"We can't lose him," Don said tersely. "We can't let them leave." He looked at Diego. "I don't want to put you at risk, but we have to find a way to do this."

Diego thought for a moment. "Get a black and white. We need to pull them over for a traffic infraction. Get LAPD ready for a roadblock and a chase just in case, but I don't think Eladio would try anything risky with Sonia in the car. Get an unmarked car to follow them and when their speed gets too high signal the black and white to move in and pull them over."

"What if Marco doesn't do anything wrong?" David asked. "If he's been in hiding for months he's probably too smart to chance a ticket."

"Then we go to Plan B," Diego said. "Have a plainclothes riding a motorcycle break one of their tail lights at a stoplight. That'll give the police a reason to stop them."

"Got it." David handed a slip of paper to Diego. "That's the address they're at now. If we get moving we might catch them before they get on the road so we can be there when the black and white takes them into custody just in case."

David went back to his car and Diego handed the paper to Don.

"I guess this night's not over yet."


The Marco arrest went smoothly, but it took a couple of days for opportunities to arise that would allow for Rodrigues and Melendez to be arrested without drawing suspicion to Diego. In order to secure his alibi, Diego spent much of his time with Inez, keeping her company as she redecorated the guest house.

He'd check in periodically, but to the DEA who passed on his information to Don's team.

In the lulls between activity, Don's thoughts kept coming back to Diego. He hadn't answered his question and after a few days Don was beginning to wonder if his behavior at the party had just been exceptionally good acting on his part.

By Thursday afternoon all the paperwork was done and the operation was in a holding pattern until the deal Diego had set up with Valdives went down, which wasn't for another week and a half.

The Assistant Director had sent the team home, giving them Friday off for a well deserved three day weekend after working the previous Saturday.

The team headed out to Gonzalez to celebrate the three high profile arrests, but Don bowed out and headed home.

He thought about going to the house to eat and see his family, but for once that wasn't what he wanted.

He called in an order of Chinese and swung by the restaurant to pick it up on his way home.

He ate voraciously and crashed on his couch. He woke up about an hour later and put the rest of the food away before heading into his bedroom for the night.

Not accustomed to going to bed so early, Don lay in bed for some time waiting to get sleepy again.

His thoughts turned again to Diego, how it felt to be near him, the heat his body radiated, the musky sweetness of his neck, the tantalizing brush of their hips on the dance floor...

Don pulled off his t-shirt and kicked his sheets off, feeling a little too warm for them. He lay there in his pajama bottoms with his hand resting on his bare stomach.

As his fingers skated over his heated skin, he remembered the feel of Diego's hand at the small of his back. Even that simple contact had resonated in Don. He'd put aside relationships for work ever since he left Kim and Diego apparently brought out the side of him that missed that affection – touching and being touched.

He fell asleep with the comfort of that touch still in his thoughts.


The doorbell startled Don out of a deep sleep and he got up and groggily stumbled to the front door.

He woke right up when he saw Diego through his peephole.

He removed the chain and unlocked the door, opening it before remembering he wasn't fully dressed.

"Diego?" His voice was raspy, rough from sleep.

Diego looked up at him from beneath the hair falling into his face, his smile a bit sheepish.

"Hey, Don." He frowned, gesturing to Don's attire. "I woke you up. I'm sorry I didn't realize you'd gone to bed so early." He backed away slightly. "I didn't mean to disturb you. I'll go."

"No!" Don protested, a bit too quickly. "I'm up now. Come on in."

He stood back to allow Diego entrance and fought back the urge to greet him like the lovers they had pretended to be only a few days earlier.

"I got done with Inez and was finally able to get away." Diego shrugged off his leather jacket as he spoke and Don took it and put it on his coat rack. Diego buried his hands in the pockets of his jeans, looking a bit uncertain. "I was hoping we could talk."

"Sure." Don leaned against the living room wall, trying to disguise the fact that he was just as uncomfortable as Diego looked.

A second of dead air passed between them while they looked anywhere but at each other.

"I wanted to check in with you about the party Saturday," Diego finally blurted out. "How it went from your perspective."

Don relaxed just a little. A work topic he could handle. "Well, we have two leads on possible hit men for the homicide investigation and we picked up three wanted felons, so I'd say it was a success from the FBI's point of view. Whether the deal goes through or not is more the DEA's concern."

"That's not what I meant," Diego said quietly. He let out an exasperated sigh. "This is where women have an advantage over us. We're two guys and that means talking about..." He waved his hands in a futile gesture as he sought for and failed to find the words. "It just wouldn't be as hard if we were women."

"I'm not sure what needs to be said. We had a job to do, we did it, that's that right?"

"Is that what you really think?" Diego challenged, commanding Don's full attention with his eyes.

Don struggled to keep his expression noncommittal as a minor war waged inside of him. Part of him knew he should just stay professional, but the other part of him just wanted to throw aside the senseless work discussion and kiss Diego, fall into his arms like it was all real and not pretend.

"What I think doesn't really matter," he said, but his tone lacked conviction.

"On the contrary," Diego said, moving subtly closer. "It matters a great deal. In fact, nothing matters more."

As he drew nearer Don could feel the effect on his whole body. His heart rate sped up, his breathing quickened and all traces of drowsiness evaporated as adrenaline flooded his system.

"That means that what you think matters just as much," he countered, swallowing nervously.

Diego ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

"This is crazy," Diego muttered. "We're not going to get anywhere like this."

Before Don could ask what he meant, Diego grabbed him by the arms and kissed him hard and fast square on the mouth. Don was so startled he didn't have time to react before Diego pulled away again.


"Don, listen to me," Diego interrupted, speaking rapidly as if the confession was pouring out of him. "I have no idea if you're gay or bi or straight, I have no idea if you're really just that good at undercover work or if that was the real you, but I couldn't just walk away from this without finding out if what happened Saturday – the way we were together – was because of something real, something that wasn't part of the op." Diego's wildly gesturing hands stilled and he let them fall to his sides with an aggravated sigh. "Fuck, I'm just rambling now." Diego lowered his head, shaking it in disappointment.


Diego looked up, eyes wide with hopefulness yet with a glimmer of fear in them.

Don gave him a reassuring smile, eyes crinkling up at the sides. He reached his arms out to where Diego seemed temporarily paralyzed. He slid his hands on either side of Diego's waist, hooked his fingers in his belt loops and tugged him closer.

"Stop talking," he murmured. "Kiss me for real this time."

For a second Diego seemed too stunned to respond, then he pinned Don back against the wall and crushed their mouths together in a kiss so incendiary Don instantly felt aflame inside from the searing heat of Diego's lips.

In an explosion of activity their hands burst into action even as their tongues battled, probing and dancing in each other's mouths.

Impatient to touch, to learn each other's bodies, their hands roamed and explored, seeking out flushed skin, soft chest hair and hard muscles.

Diego slipped his hands inside Don's pajama bottoms and cupped his ass, grinding against him. .

"Bedroom?" Don asked between fevered kisses.

"Fuck, yes."

Then managed to make their way there, groping and kissing as they walked. They barely made it inside the door before Diego had his hands down the back of Don's pants again.

Don pulled Diego's cell phone off his belt and put it on the nightstand.

"I guess I'm going to have to take your gun too since your hands seem to be full," he joshed.

"Hey, do you have any idea how badly I wanted my hands on your ass at that party?" Diego muttered from where he was kissing his way across Don's collarbone. "If you'd worn a pair of those tight jeans I don't think I would have been responsible for my actions."

"Oh, really?" Don taunted, taking Diego's gun and holster and putting them in the nightstand drawer.

"Yeah, you in those jeans and the snug black t-shirts too. Evil..."

"What, I wasn't supposed to notice the bad boy leather jackets and boots? Or you running your hands through that long hair of yours?" Don tossed Diego's cuffs in the drawer as well. "By the way, I think you made Charlie jealous. He's used to being the only guy around with that sexy longer hair and then you waltz in. His girlfriend Amita even said she liked your hair. He pouted the rest of the night after that."

Diego tossed his head back and laughed and Don took the opportunity to lick his way up his throat as he unbuttoned Diego's shirt and pushed it off his shoulders.

"So, you like the hair do you?"

Don chewed on Diego's earlobe for a second before replying. "I wanted to touch it," he rasped in his ear. "I wanted to grab handfuls of it while you were sucking my cock."

"Well then," Diego whispered, untying the drawstring of Don's pajama bottoms. "Why don't I give you what you want?"

The pajamas fell to the floor and Diego knelt in front of him, kissing his thighs and rubbing his hair over his cock and balls. Slipping his arms around he filled his hands with the perfect roundness of Don's ass and moved in to take the head of his cock in his mouth.

An inarticulate groan escaped Don and his hands drifted of their own accord into Diego's hair as his mouth sank down over his cock until it was fully enveloped. His fingers tightened as Diego pulled back, sucking and tonguing him as he slowly released him.

"Oh, fuck..."

"Something like that?" Diego teased. He brought a hand in, wrapping his fingers around the shaft as he sucked the head into his mouth repeatedly with increasing fervor. Don's hands fisted in Diego's hair as he fucked his hand and mouth.


Don let his head fall forward as he concentrated on the pleasure Diego was giving him. His eyes were nearly closed, but he could see his hands in Diego's hair, his cock disappearing into Diego's mouth and in his peripheral vision Diego's shirt on the floor.

Reluctantly Don released him and pulled back, pulling him up to stand. "You're still dressed and that's just unacceptable," he mocked in his best authoritative voice. "We need to work on that." He reached for the button on Diego's jeans, but Diego held him off with a halting hand and a smile. He waited impatiently for Diego to pull off his boots and socks and come back to him. "So," he said slyly, unbuttoning the jeans and slipping his fingers inside to stroke Diego through his boxers. "What is it you want?"

Diego let out a little moan when Don slid his hand inside and ran his thumb over the head of his cock. His voice was a low growl in Don's ear. "I want to be inside you."

A strong jolt of electricity jarred Don and he gasped, the sexy rasp of Diego's words in his ear obliterating the last of his patience.

He pushed Diego's jeans and boxers down so he could step out of them and pulled Diego down on the bed with him.

Twin groans escaped both of them as the sudden pleasure of full body contact flooded them.

Don's fingers dug into Diego's broad muscled back as Diego's fingers threaded through the thick soft hair on Don's chest, each thrusting against the other seeking friction and contact.

With a sudden move, Diego pushed Don over, pinning him on the bed. He started kissing his way down Don's chest as his hand stroked his cock.

"Nightstand?" he asked between kisses, glancing up at Don who nodded in acknowledgment. Diego pulled away for a second to get a condom and a tube of lubricant out of the drawer, dropping them on the bed just before Don turned the tables on him and pinned him to the mattress.

"My turn," he said with a devilish grin. He licked his way down Diego's body, lingering over his chest and washboard abs before settling himself between Diego's legs. He licked his hand and closed his fist around Diego's cock, squeezing lightly as he moved up and down the shaft.

"Oh, yeah," Diego groaned. "This is how Saturday night should have ended."

"You, naked in my bed?" Don taunted, clicking a stripe up the underside of Diego's cock. "Your taste in my mouth?"

"Yes... Your hands in my hair, me fucking that perfect ass of yours..." His voice trailed off as Don sucked him into his mouth.

While Diego was being distracted by his tongue, Don picked up the lubricant and prepared himself. When he pulled back, still stroking lightly, Diego was gasping happily.

"I guess I don't have to worry about you being new at this," he managed between breaths.

Don grinned at him. "Nope, not at all." He ripped open the condom wrapper and rolled the condom down over Diego's erection, eliciting a fresh gasp from him.

Don crawled up Diego's body, hovering over him until Diego pulled him down against him, cock to cock. Their mouths met in a frenzy of lips, teeth and tongues, insatiable in their hunger.

As they kissed, Diego slid a hand down Don's back and in between the globes of his ass, fingering him there teasingly.

"God, Don, please..." Diego begged breathily, his stubbled jaw rubbing against Don's. "I want to fuck you. Now."

Don finished licking his way down Diego's neck and kissed him one last time before sitting up and straddling his torso.

"No more waiting," he agreed. He shifted his position slightly and reached behind him for Diego's cock. Diego bent his knees as Don guided the head of his cock into place.

Diego pushed up as Don sank down onto him and both of them cried out as Diego's cock pressed into Don all at once.

Overwhelmed, Don stilled for a moment, hands bracing on the mattress as he gulped in air.

Diego recovered first and put his hands on Don's hips, holding him steady as he pulled out slowly then pushed back in again in a single thrust.

Don shuddered above him, but Diego didn't let up, repeating his thrusts with greater force each time. Somehow Don managed to react automatically, pushing back to meet Diego as their bodies slammed against each other.

"Fuck, Don..." Diego moaned. "Wanted this... Wanted you so bad..."

Diego wrapped his hand around Don's cock and started pumping it. Caught between riding Diego's cock behind him and fucking the tight tunnel of his fist in front of him, Don quickly began to lose control.

"Diego... Diego..."

Diego lifted his hips off the bed, shifting the angle to pound into Don's most sensitive spot.

A strangled cry got caught in Don's throat as his body stiffened, every nerve ending in his body suddenly exploding in pleasure as he came in Diego's hand.

Still shaking, he heard Diego's breath catch as he thrust inside him one last time, his body going taut beneath him before collapsing back to the bed.

A little gasp escaped Don as Diego's cock slipped out of him, then he too collapsed. Diego loosely wrapped his arms around him as he lay on top of his long lean frame.

After a moment their labored breathing calmed and Diego pressed a kiss to Don's temple.

"Holy fuck," he muttered. "I thought we'd be good together, but that was..."

"Amazing," Don said, finishing the sentence for him. "I know." He lifted his head to look down on Diego, brushing a stray strand of hair from his face.

"Come here," Diego murmured, pulling him down for a kiss – softer this time, unhurried, reminiscent of their kisses at the party, only made so much sweeter now that they both knew they weren't playing.

"So, the AD gave my team a three day weekend," Don said when they finally separated. "Think you can get the DEA to do the same for you?"

"Let's see..." Diego said with a grin. "Hand me my phone."

Don moved to the side of the bed and pushed his cell phone aside to reach Diego's.

Diego speed dialed his office, tangling his legs with Don's as he waited to leave a message.

"Hey, it's Navarro checking in. Inez is done redecorating the guest house so I don't have a reason to be at the estate right now. I'm going to take the next few days off and lay low so I don't wear out my welcome with the Valdives. I'll be in the office on Monday to do a progress report and talk strategy for the deal. Call my cell if anything comes up before then." Diego snapped the phone closed and handed it back to Don. "See? No problem."

Don turned to put the phone back on the nightstand and his own rang.

"That better not be work," Don growled. He snapped open the phone. "Eppes."

"Hey, bro. It's me."

"Charlie! What's going on? You sound all stressed out."

Diego started running a lazy finger through Don's chest hair as he talked.

"I guess I am. Dad decided, or rather Donna the caterer decided, that we should have a nice dinner party here. Dad thinks it should be for couples since Amita and I are officially seeing each other now."

"So? What's the big deal?" Don's free hand made its way into Diego's hair, threading through the strands as Diego arched into his touch.

"Amita and I can't even get through dinner alone! I keep screwing things up! I don't think an audience is going to help matters. You have to come. Keep me from being alone with Dad and his date. Please say you'll come. It's Sunday night and I know that's not much notice..."

"Sunday night dinner at the house?" He glanced questioningly at Diego who smiled back at him with a nod. "Sure, I can do that. I've got someone I'd like you to meet so I'll even have a date with me."

"That's great. Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it. I have to call Donna now and let her know it'll be six for dinner not four. Talk to you later."


Once Don put the phone away, Diego pulled him into his arms.

"Already taking me home to meet the family?"

"Well, Charlie's already met you. He just hasn't met you as my boyfriend yet."

"Boyfriend, huh?" Diego teased.

"Yeah," Don said, unable to keep the smile off his face.

"I like how that sounds."

Don settled into Diego's arms, relaxing into the warmth and affection of his touch.

"I like it too..."

Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on October 2nd, 2006 05:24 am (UTC)
I confess, this fic is not called U is for Undercover – at least not in my head.

But that's what I get for not reading the fine print in the ficathon rules. I thought that was the challenge only, not the enforced name of the fic. Ah well... The name of the fic – to me – is Don Diego, which is in reference to the comment made when Don first meets Senor Valdives.

I though it was kind of cute. (And yes, if anyone is wondering I am a Mask of Zorro fan.) /grins/

For those of you who like visuals for your OMCs, I wanted to share the celebs that DEA Agent Diego Navarro is based on. As far as looks go, I imagined someone halfway between Victor Webster (Coop on Charmed – See? Yummy!) and Antonio Sabato, Jr. As an added bonus – because he's sex on legs and in a skirt – I named him after Dave Navarro and gave him longer hair like his namesake.

X Files fans might notice an unusual name in there. I stole the name Eladio from one of their episodes, partially because I love the way it sounds to say it out loud and also because it reminded me of a French girl named Elodie, the daughter of a former co-worker.

Very special thanks to betas melissima and iolsai for their assistance with this fic.


Emma DeMarais
NV: BtVS - Thank Youneur0vanity on October 2nd, 2006 06:28 am (UTC)
Re: Confession
Guh. I had Dave Navarro in my head when I was reading this, and thinking of him and Rob Morrow...

Somebody needs to call the paramedics. Adding in the visuals of Victor and Antonio? Muy caliente. They should make flavors of ice cream named after these men.
Re: Confession - emmademarais on October 2nd, 2006 06:35 am (UTC) (Expand)
Ceares: scientologyceares on October 2nd, 2006 09:23 am (UTC)
Very nice! Hot, and sweet and I loved the car convo with Colby and Megan.

I love the name Eladio by the way. Ever since I saw Lonestar, it's been one of my favorite names.
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on October 5th, 2006 03:21 am (UTC)
Yay! Hot and sweet is what I was going for.

I also thought it would be nice to inject some humor into it. Don and Diego are playful together and Colby gets the best funny lines in canon anyway. Once that van convo was written it kind of helped keep the rest of the fic light in all the right ways, especially during the party. Don't get me wrong, I love Dark!Don, but he was so pissy in canon in Season 2 I really missed smiling happy Don and I wanted him to enjoy himself for a change.

Eladio... Say it loud and there's music playing. Say it soft and it's almost like praying... /grins/

(Actually Elodie is like that, especially if it's pronounced with a lovely French accent.)

Thanks for being willing to read an OMC. I'm glad you liked it.

irena_adler: Rob Krummyirena_adler on October 2nd, 2006 10:35 am (UTC)
Enjoyed this a lot! When I saw it was Don/OMC I was so there. *g* It was great to see a different sort of lover/culture than usual. And hot, of course!
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on October 5th, 2006 03:23 am (UTC)
Really? I was convinced an OMC would turn people off.

(I just liked Diego so much though, I couldn't help myself.)

I think I might try more cross-cultural Numb3rs fic. Diego was fun, but I'd really like to write an Asian themed fic someday.

I may have to write more Diego, mostly because I have betas demanding it! LOL!

Glad you liked it.


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Abbie Strehlow: Don_When I'm Goneknotted_rose on October 2nd, 2006 10:11 pm (UTC)
Lovely as always, my dear. Thank you for this!
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on October 5th, 2006 03:25 am (UTC)
Hee! It means a lot to me that you liked it.

Writing an OMC can be touchy, but if you liked Diego I feel proud that I did a good job with him.

Thanks, hon...

Jillian: guhoniongirl on October 3rd, 2006 05:38 pm (UTC)
Typically, I find myself cringing at OMCs but Diego was wonderful. My OTP for this show has always been Don/Coop, but after reading this I think Don/Diego may be closing in.

I hope you write more in this pairing. You've created such a wonderful character that I'd love to read more about him.
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on October 5th, 2006 03:32 am (UTC)
That's about the nicest comment I could have hoped for on this fic.

I was so worried people would see OMC in the headers and run away, as you said, cringing.

But I adored Diego and I had faith that if people would just give him a chance he could charm them like he charmed Don.

The fact that you even *mention* OTP just humbles me. You made my day. Honestly, I love Don/Diego now too. Until I wrote it I never realized how much I like relaxed, happy, playful (and sexy) Don. He gets so pissy in canon, that the moments where we get to enjoy him laughing and smiling become so infrequent they're not our picture of Don any longer. We see Scowling!Don skulking through the Bureau hallways and I wish they'd balance him out better.

I'm pretty convinced now I have to write more Diego. The dinner party seems inevitable, but I really just enjoy the two of them together period. I might just have to keep that op with the Valdives going so I can make a series out of it. Another party - this time with them as a real couple - would rock.

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and taking a chance on my OMC.

is there protein powder in this margarita?: don sunglasses:sculpturegardenaudrarose on October 4th, 2006 09:36 pm (UTC)
wheeeee!! I didn't realize how much I wanted to see this pairing until just this minute! love, love, love them together -- this was great, hon!

(only Charlie is going to be sooo jealous.. :D )
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on October 5th, 2006 03:37 am (UTC)
Wow! A gush from Audra is like... Hey, I don't have anything to compare it to! It's that good!


I'm so happy that you liked this. We *need* more happy lighthearted Don in canon and this is my way of filling that need in the interim. I love how Don is with Diego.

I may have to write the dinner party just so I can make Charlie grouse over his competition. Hehehe

I practically decided while typing up a response above that I have to make Diego into a series so I can write another party where the two of them are a *real* couple before they go undercover.

More banter! More flirting! More kissing and touching!

More sex!

Ah, Diego, why didn't I write you straight for me? Hehehe

Thanks so much hon for your lovely and heartening comments. I'm so glad you took the time to read this and thrilled that you liked it.

(Deleted comment)
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on October 5th, 2006 05:21 am (UTC)
/points to icon/

Now *that*'s the smiling happy Don we know and love!

I admit to being very worried about the OC factor, but the Diego I saw in my head and the way Don was with him was too enticing to pass up.

The chemistry was there in Diego already. He was just *like* that. It made writing the fic almost effortless. He and Don were just so good together, I didn't have to work to make it believable. I'm convinced I need to make a series of him since I'd miss him if I never wrote him again.

The whole party? /swoons/ God, I want the Valdives to throw another party *just* so I can see them like that again, this time as a *real* couple. The whole is-this-real-are-we-acting thing ended up *so* much better than I'd foreseen. I can't believe I hadn't written it before.

Yay for the U is for Undercover prompt for bringing the Diegoverse into being!

Glad you enjoyed it. More Diego to come, I'm sure...

(Deleted comment)
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(no subject) - emmademarais on October 11th, 2006 08:47 am (UTC) (Expand)
(Deleted comment)
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on October 31st, 2006 09:52 am (UTC)
You write the greatest kisses, especially the ones at the party were just wow!.

Really? Wow... I never thought about that! Thank you!

Yes, I liked D/D at the party *very* much.

For some reason this showed up in technicolor in my head, lovely

Well isn't that what makes RM glow? He's fine and then he smiles and women swoon. It's the full face smile - eyes crinkling, great grin... He even has nice teeth!

Oh and the porn, that was nice too

Hee! In retrospect if I wanted to attract new readers I shouldn't have done an OMC for the Ficathon, but once I had Diego in my head I could totally see it all, including the sexiness at the party and the porn at Don's apartment. I loved it.

Of course now I have to write more fic in this Diegoverse. ;-)

Sunday dinner at the Eppes house, another undercover gathering with Inez, the drug deal and aftermath...

Man, I may have to keep this guy.

Too bad I didn't make him straight! Damn!


(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - emmademarais on November 3rd, 2006 02:23 am (UTC) (Expand)
Shut up & show me your jazz hands...: Heroes - Petrelliskingsnvagabonds on June 5th, 2007 06:56 am (UTC)
Hey, I totally loved reading this! The way you characterised them both is great, and Diego fitted in so well he could almost be considered cannon!
You totally have to write that dinner party (if you haven't allready, I think someone recced this so I'm soming in abit late!) and yay for such good fanfic. *off to read more of your stuff*
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on June 12th, 2007 08:28 am (UTC)
Yes! Diego got recced and I was beyond stunned. Most people don't like OMCs much less rec them.

I would *love* a sequel! I adore Diego and love Don with him. There is plenty I could do with this universe, but so far the muse hasn't given me any more in this universe.

I say that now, but what frequently happens is that someone pipes up on an older fic asking for more and she suddenly feels flattered or something and I get fic out of it. LOL! I have finished quite a few stalled fic that way.

Please do read more of my stuff. There's TONS. Seriously. I am a big supporter of the fandom and hope Numb3rs people will use the fic to help them get through the long summer while they are waiting for new episodes.

Let me know if you have any particular preferences and I can try to rec some fic from my back catalogue for you.

Thanks for coming by to read and comment!
Heatheraslin on June 12th, 2007 08:13 am (UTC)
Sequel? Please? Cause it was wonderful and now I want more :)
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on June 12th, 2007 08:47 am (UTC)
A sequel would be love indeed. I adore Diego and Diego/Don is a wonderful pairing to read. I have just been waiting on my muse to give me something from them. Oddly she seems to perk up when people ask about sequels, so let me go see what she comes up with...

/goes away for a while/
/comes back/

It worked!

The sequel is called Don Diego for now since that is what I really wanted to call the original fic. I might change it though since I think I might want to use the title Don Diego for a fic where the undercover op continues.

This sequel is the dinner party and it is starting just before Don and Diego head over to Charlie's house.

It's kind of sweet how domestic they are already...

Thanks for the jumpstart! I appreciate it!
you're welcome - aslin on June 12th, 2007 05:14 pm (UTC) (Expand)
andi: Don horadmiralandrea on July 19th, 2007 06:59 pm (UTC)
I am baffled to see that I have never commented on this fic! So I had to rectify that. I re-read thanks to irena_adler's rec and I really hope you're considering a sequel to this, because it's a gorgeous fic. OMC's don't bother me, cause I'm happy with Don paired with almost anyone and Diego is a nicely rounded character who deserves a continued existence. Muy caliente!
(Deleted comment)
Emma DeMaraisemmademarais on March 23rd, 2009 08:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much and welcome to my LJ!
/puts out cookies and a comfy chair for you/

I do try often to write characters as canon as I can (despite frequently veering into AUland for pairings) since it's a great challenge and I really like them in canon!

I had forgotten how much Spanish is in this. It is simple enough that I bet Babel Fish did fine with it. (I think the hardest sentence was 'I have a really hot boyfriend.' LOL)

Not sure if you saw it, but there's a sequel to this called Don Diego. I haven't made a Series post for it yet (bad me!) but here's a link for you.

Don Diego Part 1 and Don Diego Part 2

It's quite long, but it's just as good if not better than this one. I really love these two fic and totally adore the Don/Diego pairing. I love how Don is with him - now that's the Don I'd love to see in canon all the time!

There will probably be a third long fic in this series, likely later this year, but for now I wanted you to know there was more since you liked this one.

Thanks for reading and commenting! It's much appreciated!
(Deleted comment)
(no subject) - emmademarais on March 23rd, 2009 08:33 pm (UTC) (Expand)