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01 January 2007 @ 11:45 pm
Journal Review - 2006  
The following is a review of all writing content posted during the year 2006.

2005 - 2006 Monthly Journal Reviews


Journal Review - November/December 2005


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Journal Review - February 2006
Journal Review - March 2006
Journal Review - April 2006
Journal Review - May 2006
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Numb3rs Fic (150)

90 Degrees
A Couple Pills
A Family Tradition
A Feast for the Eyes
A Fresh Start (Two Brothers Series)
A Lifetime of Love
A Moment of Peace
A Perfect Blend (Wildcard Series)
A Shift in the Continuum Part 1
A Shift in the Continuum Part 2
A Sprig of Advice
A True Friend
A Year of Grief
All Apologies
And the Winner Is
Angry Words
Ash and Pines (Conflict and Resolutions Series)
Back to School
Back to Work (Two Brothers Series)
Bait (Obshina Series)
Basic Folds
Cap and Gown
Certain Subjects
Charlie Eppes – Nonlinear Dynamics
Chechnya (Obshina Series)
Christmas Stockings
Classic Car Lust
Close (Obshina Series)
Coffee Tea or Me
Come Back and Stay
Comfort (Obshina Series)
Coming Around
Conflict and Resolutions (Conflict and Resolutions Series)
Conflict and Resolutions - Prologue (Conflict and Resolutions Series)
Decline to State
Discovering Dr. Eppes (Two Brothers Series)
Don't Ask Don't Tell
Down a Dusty Dirt Road
Dungeons and Dragons (Two Brothers Series)
Eyes and Ears
Final Flame
Fire and Ice (Off the Cuff Series)
First Mother's Day
Follow the Leader
Force of Nature
Forget (Obshina Series)
Forgetting (Obshina Series)
Forgotten (Obshina Series)
Gearing Up
God is a Bullet
Guns and Roses Redux
Hanukkah 1978 - The Quiet Moments (Hanukkah Series)
Happy as a Lark (Wildcard Series)
Hearts and Flowers
Heat (Obshina Series)
Hidden (Obshina Series)
Hot Hot Heat
How to Explain
I Want Candy
In Blood and Breath
In the Genes
Just Words
Life on the Road
Little Boy Lost
Lost and Found
Missing Third
My Arms Your Hearse
My Best Friend's Girlfriend
Not Math
Nucleogenesis and Pie
Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies
Obshina (Obshina Series)
Off the Cuff (Off the Cuff Series)
Organic Chemistry
Origami 2.0
Over (Obshina Series)
Panic (Obshina Series)
Par for the Course
Past Present Future
Patty Melt
Plan of Action (Wildcard Series)
Road Tripping
Secure (Obshina Series)
Seeing Red
Set (Obshina Series)
Shortest Road Trip Ever
Show of Appreciation
Sidekick vs. Partner
Simon Says Part 1
Simon Says Part 2
Sit Down Shut Up
Smoke and Mirrors
Snared (Obshina Series)
Sprung (Obshina Series)
Starting Something in Stockton (Defensive Postures Series)
Still Life
Subtle Ways
Taking In the Sights
Teacher's Pet
The Beholder
The Dangerous Type
The Five Senses
The Gift of Discovery
The Heir Apparent
The Middle of the Night
The Next Generation
The Prize
The Shock of Loss
The Trick
Third Wheel (Two Brothers Series)
Too Much/Not Enough
Trap (Obshina Series)
Trust (Obshina Series)
Turkey on White
Two Brothers (Two Brothers Series)
Two Men and a Semi-Automatic
U is for Undercover
Understanding Reality
V is for Verdict
Velvet and Silk (Velvet and Silk Series)
Verboten (Obshina Series)
Want (Obshina Series)
Wildcard (Wildcard Series)
Winter Tales - Little Red Riding Hood (Winter Tales Series)
Winter Tales - Sleeping Beauty (Winter Tales Series)
With or Without (Wildcard Series)
Written in Chocolate Written in Stone
X and Why (Velvet and Silk Series)
Yes Dear
You and I (Velvet and Silk Series)

Heroes Fic (11)

An Open Field
And the Bottom Drops Out
Beneath The Exterior
Empty Hand Empty Heart
The Beginning and The End
The Choices We Make
The Thing We Fear Most
The Weight of Time and Fate
Three Square Meals
Till Human Voices Wake Us

Criminal Minds Fic (10)

Five Nights - Aaron (Five Nights Series)
Five Nights - Derek (Five Nights Series)
Five Nights - Elle (Five Nights Series)
Five Nights - Jason (Five Nights Series)
Five Nights - Nightmares (Five Nights Series)
Fixed Up
Hit and Miss (Near Miss Series)
Miss Understanding (Near Miss Series)
Missing Time (Near Miss Series)
Near Miss (Near Miss Series)

Supernatural Fic (8)

Ghost in the Machine
Limbo (Nemesis Mine Series)
Nemesis Mine (Nemesis Mine Series)
One Shot
Pitch Black

The Unit Fic (3)

Better Halves
Broken In
The Elements

Psych Fic (2)

Thirty Seconds or Less
Wake Up Call

Crossover Fic (4)

Numb3rs/Criminal Minds

A Quick Call (A Quick Call Series)
A Quick Query (A Quick Call Series)
Like Minds (Like Minds Series)



Series Information

Numb3rs Series

Numb3rs Series/Universe: Conflict and Resolutions
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Last Call
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Never Tell Series
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Obshina
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Off the Cuff
Numb3rs Series/Universe: The Hanukkah Series
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Two Brothers
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Velvet and Silk
Numb3rs Series/Universe: Wildcard

Supernatural Series

Supernatural Series/Universe: Nemesis Mine

Criminal Minds Series

Criminal Minds Series/Universe: Five Nights
Criminal Minds Series/Universe: Near Miss

Crossover Series

Numb3rs/Criminal Minds Series/Universe: A Quick Call
Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on January 7th, 2007 06:46 pm (UTC)
I confess that I love my statistics.

That I like numbers should come to no surprise to anyone who noticed me publishing well over a hundred Numb3rs fic in the last year or so.

Or to be more precise: 150 fic in 2006 and 25 in 2005.

Such nice pretty numbers! I had written one final fic on New Year's Eve to make sure I hit 200 before the end of the year so I figured 175 published means a nice clean 25 unpublished right?



I had 26 unpublished fic (partials and completeds in beta).

It took me a bit to figure out where I went wrong. I had originally written Conflict and Resolutions as a flash fic for numb3rsflashfic and then it grew into two 24 page fic later. I felt like I should honor the original reason for the fic and released the Prologue as a separate fic on the comm, then released the full version of C&R as well without marking them as two separate fic on my list.

I had kind of done the same thing with Distraction and Off the Cuff, but I think I changed it enough that I went ahead and renamed the new fic and didn't have the same problem of listing them separately.

The best laid schemes of Emma gang aft agley... ;-)

Now a few comments about the annual review...

The final numbers for 2006 are as follows:

Published Fic

Numb3rs – 150
Heroes – 11
Criminal Minds – 10
Supernatural – 8
The Unit – 3
Psych – 2
Crossovers – 4 (3 N/CM, 1 N/SPN)
Total – 188

Note: I don't include crossovers in my counts of what I call 'straight up' fandom fic.

So I have six fandoms represented here: Numb3rs, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, The Unit, Psych and my latest love, Heroes.

Numb3rs I started ficcing in 2005. I've always had a tendency to be a one fandom girl so when people tried to lure me into Supernatural I naturally resisted.


Resistance is futile.

So I started experimenting to see if I could handle more than one fandom without losing my focus. It went well so when I started watching Criminal Minds and The Unit those got tossed in too.

Psych was an anomaly. I guess at that point I was a bit too influenced by other people and wrote a fandom I wasn't totally into. I had wanted to work on my humor fic though so I'm hoping when the show starts up again I'll get back into it and fic some more and enjoy it.

Now Heroes though... That fandom is dangerously close to supplanting Numb3rs as my favorite. I already liked David Krumholtz in movies (I don't remember catching any of his myriad of failed pilots/series) so I was rather destined to give Numb3rs a try. Heroes had Adrian Pasdar, whom I've always had a soft spot for, so I had to watch it as well. Plus I was a big comics fan in my youth and early adulthood. (I grew up on X-Men and left comics after the Sandman series of graphic novels came to a close. It was kind of like a bad breakup – I couldn't stand to be around my ex-universe's friends.) ;-) So in a short period of time Heroes became my second most written fandom and I'm sure much more fic will come once the show starts up again. After all, Nathan! Enough said. /grins/

A word about ratings...

This is a sore subject and one I've already addressed in Confession posts, but I just wanted to let people know I am in the process of going back and editing my published fic to put appropriate ratings on them and removing the default NC17s. I finally got over being burned and now I have to pay the price with hard labor. At least my fic from this year on will all receive ratings reflecting their true content.

I know a lot of my content this year has been drabbles, but I thought I'd take a moment to remind people I do write longer fic as well. Here's a short list of some of the longer fic in my back catalog.

A Shift in the Continuum
Ash and Pines
Conflict and Resolutions
Down a Dusty Dirt Road
Simon Says
Teacher's Pet
U is for Undercover
V is for Verdict

I want to say a huge thank you to all my betas for their friendship and support. You're all remarkable people and knowing you has made me glad I came to LJ.

Thank you as well to all the people who read my fic here. I may write it for myself, but I get a lot out of sharing it thanks to you.


Emma DeMarais
riverotter1951: north American river otterriverotter1951 on January 8th, 2007 12:18 am (UTC)
U is for Undercover
I read this on a challenge list. In fact, I read it twice then started to track down your writing. This lent me to finding the Numb3rs100 live journal. I added it to my URLs and have been enjoying all the drabbles. Thanks for all the enjoyable reading and especially the prompts.