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12 May 2007 @ 11:59 pm
Numb3rs Fic: Bottom of the Ninth  
Written for numb3rs100 Challenge #106 – Baseball

Title: Bottom of the Ninth
Pairing/Characters: Don
Rating: G
Word Count: 200
Spoilers: UP, Identity Crisis
Summary: Don fills in for the pitcher in an FBI baseball game
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

3 and O is the count.

The aroma of sweat, dirt and oiled leather encircles him like an aura.

Raised red seams puncture dirty white under his calloused thumb.

The wind up.

The pitch.

3 and 1.

The mound is his fortress. He scuffs at it with his cleats, feels the eyes in the stands upon him and shuts them out.

A fireball sun blazes down. He wipes the sweat from his brow, replaces his cap and pops his gum.



3 and 2.

The pitcher he relieved stares him down from the dugout, ice pack pressed against his injured shoulder as he waits, tense.

Their team is unbeaten, but that streak could end with a single throw from his no longer minor league arm.

Bottom of the ninth.

Two outs.

Two runners on base.

One scores they go home.

One strike they go celebrate.

A scarce cool breeze kisses the back of his neck, refreshes him as it swirls around him, then evaporates.

His movement is fluid, graceful - building its power then releasing it with a split second snap.

A soft thud echoes as the baseball finds its home in the catcher's mitt.

Strike three.

Game over.

Emma DeMarais: BlueEyeemmademarais on May 13th, 2007 08:39 am (UTC)
I confess I hate this fic.


Hate is a strong word.

But I really really really don't like it.

(Brownie points to anyone who gets that. Huh. /looks down at self/ I'm wearing a plain black T.) ;-)

Let's just chalk this one up to an experiment that failed badly and let me move on okay?

Seriously, someone kick me next time I attempt to write fic without my muse. I lost track after the third revision and twelfth word count. /headdesk/

Very special thanks to beta melissima for her assistance with this fic.


Emma DeMarais
melissimamelissima on May 13th, 2007 09:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Confession
LOL RS and I have been listening to Plain White T's all morning! when I read "Hate is a strong word" I was already singing "but I really really really don't like you!"


For the record, I _do_ like it--it's experimental, so that makes it challenging, but there are so many great sensory details (and you know me...the detail whore.) :)