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Numb3rs Fic: The Pull of Sleep

Written for eppescest Summer Porn Challenge – Pilot
Crossposted to numb3rs_slash

Title: The Pull of Sleep
Pairing/Characters: Don/Charlie
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Pilot
Summary: After staying up all night Don goes back to the house with Charlie to rest
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Charlie stood in the doorway of Don's old bedroom, watching his brother tug off his already loosened tie with a sigh of exhaustion.

Don had driven him home from Vernon once the rapist was transported to the morgue and they were sure the victim was taken care of.

He hadn't even mentioned just dropping Charlie off and heading home, so Charlie wasn't too surprised when Don killed the engine and wearily followed him into the house.

Charlie found a note from their father saying he was having dinner with his friend Art and that there were leftovers in the refrigerator. Don had just shook his head at the mention of food and headed for the stairs to go to his room.

"You must be tired." Charlie leaned against the door frame, his eyes subtly following Don's every move.

Don glanced over at him. "You're not? We were up all night making that new map."

Charlie shrugged. "I'm still kind of buzzed from the adrenaline rush. It normally takes me a while to come down after an intense session like that."

Don nodded. "Yeah, I guess." He slipped off his shoes and then tossed his socks into them before setting them aside. His gun, badge and handcuffs went into his nightstand drawer.

As Don sat down on the bed and started to unbutton his shirt, Charlie stepped the rest of the way into the room, closed the door behind him and turned the lock. Don just gave him a look as he pulled his dress shirt off, leaving the t-shirt beneath on.

"Something on your mind?" he asked.

"Not so much, no," Charlie said noncommittally. "Unless you consider me casually working out ways I could improve my new geographic profiling equations in the back of my mind as we're talking something."

Don chortled. "It's something all right. We caught that guy thanks to your equations. We saved that woman."

"And you saved Agent Sinclair." Charlie took a step closer. "When you were talking to the coroner I overheard him telling Agent Miller what happened. You were the one who shot the rapist. He could have killed Agent Sinclair, but you stopped him."

"Yeah well..." Don's eyes didn't meet Charlie's all the way. "That's my job." He pulled his belt through his belt loops and tossed it on top of his shoes.

Charlie walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. "That's it?" he asked quietly. "You just write it off as doing your job?" At Don's warning glance, he backpedaled. "I'm sorry. That came out wrong. I guess what I meant is..." He shifted closer so he was sitting right next to his brother. "Don, you killed another human being today. That has to affect you." He hung his head for a moment. "You're my brother and... And I worry about you."

Don looked pensive for a moment before he spoke. "It does affect me," he admitted. "I don't just write it off. Every life matters, even a criminal's. In this case a fellow agent's life mattered more."

Charlie put his hand on Don's shoulder, gripping it lightly. "I get it."

"No, Charlie," Don scowled, standing up abruptly. "I don't ever want you to get it! You shouldn't have gotten involved in the first place. I don't want you to see all the horrors I see. You belong in your god damned ivory tower away from all the ugliness of the world!"

Charlie set his jaw. "I helped," he said proudly. "I am not just some sheltered academic. I can deal with the real world and yeah, that includes crime. I may not like it, but to be honest this is not the first time my work has saved people from grisly death. Whether you protect me or not, I am in this world. I'm almost 30. Stop treating me like a child. I can take it."

Don locked eyes with him for a moment - challenging, almost measuring him up - then sat back down, appearing suitably chastened.

"Yeah well, I'm always going to be your big brother, so regardless of how old you get I'm always going to try to take care of you."

Charlie edged closer and put his hands on Don's back.

"Then let me take care of you too," he said gently, his hands beginning to knead Don's taut muscles. When Don didn't protest, Charlie stopped long enough to move to sit behind Don on the bed, placing him between his spread legs.

He put his hands back on Don's shoulders and started to dip down the front of Don's chest a little. Don caught one of his hands and held it still.

"We don't do this anymore," he said in a low warning tone. "Right?" When Charlie didn't respond he kept going. "You locked the door, you sat right next to me, now you've got your hands on me? This isn't summer break from college, Charlie. We're grown up now."

He let go of Charlie's hand, but Charlie went ahead with rubbing his neck and shoulders anyway.

For ten minutes they sat in silence as Charlie patiently worked his way through the knots and Don slowly began to relax and let go of the tension of the case.

"Your t-shirt collar is getting in the way," Charlie grumbled, annoyed, breaking the silence. "It's pissing me off."

Wordlessly, Don pulled off his plain white t-shirt and tossed it aside on the dresser.

"Better?" he asked.

"Yeah," Charlie replied, already sounding more agreeable. He set back to work and attacked the knots with greater vigor as Don braced himself against Charlie's firm hands.

"You always were good at this," Don mumbled appreciatively.

"Well, playing baseball always messed you up pretty bad," Charlie mused. "And your trainers didn't seem to know shit about anatomy and physiology. I mean the physics behind kinesiology..."

"You know this would probably be more relaxing without the lecture, Professor," Don teased.

Charlie grinned giddily. "You've never called me Professor before."

"Sure I have," Don tossed off dismissively.

"No, never."

Don turned around to look at Charlie over his shoulder. "I know I called you Dr. Eppes at least once - when you graduated."

"You did," Charlie said, looking pleased. "And twice when you introduced me to people."

"You kept count?" Don raised an eyebrow at him.

Charlie stopped his massage work for a moment and gave him a bemused look. "I'm a mathematician," he said pointedly.

Don laughed aloud. "Yeah, I should have seen that coming." He turned back to face forward again and Charlie resumed his efforts, working his way down his back. Once he got to Don's waistband, he worked his way back up again and then focused his attention on Don's upper arms, doing them one at a time.

"You used to need this the most," he recalled. "Your arms would get really sore after a long practice."

"Soaking in the hot tub never seemed to help that," Don added. "You were right about those trainers though. They were mostly a waste of time. You only went if the coach kicked you off the field for not going as ordered." Once his upper arms were done, Charlie moved in closer and placed his hands on Don's lower arms, rubbing them in tandem as they lay on Don's thighs. "That's where this job gets me..."

"Too much office work?"

"Yeah," Don agreed, a bit too hastily.

"Firing a gun," Charlie amended this assessment. "I'm right, aren't I?" When Don didn't respond, Charlie went on. "I'll spend some extra time on your hands later. That should help too."

Don nodded. "Thanks," he said gratefully. With a long exhalation, he let his head fall back to rest against Charlie's shoulder for a moment. "Feels good..."

"I'm glad. I want you to feel good."

He patiently worked his way through the muscles of both arms then drew his fingers back up to his shoulders, kneading lightly there for a few moments before dipping his fingers down into Don's chest hair.


"Shh..." Charlie interrupted. "I said I was going to take care of you. Let me..."

"You shouldn't. We shouldn't." Don protested verbally, but didn't move from where he sat leaning back against his brother.

"It didn't cause any problems before and it won't cause any now," Charlie soothed. "I look out for you and you look out for me. Same as it's always been." His fingers grazed Don's nipples and he brushed his lips along Don's neck. "You know you can't sleep unless you can relax, unless you let this go..."

Don subtly leaned into his touch, giving his tacit approval, so Charlie moved his hands to wrap them around Don's waist from behind. One hand roamed back up into his chest hair again while the other rubbed back and forth across his stomach.

As his hand skimmed down over the front of Don's slacks, Charlie swirled his tongue inside Don's ear, relishing the signs of arousal that elicited. He moved both hands to Don's waistband and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, slipping a hand inside. He stroked Don through his boxer briefs for a moment then eased his burgeoning erection through the Y front.

Don let out a low groan as Charlie's hand slowly stroked from base to tip. Charlie moved his other hand back to caress Don's chest as he peppered his neck with short kisses and long licks.

Don's hips started to flex in time with Charlie's strokes, making his ass brush up against Charlie's own erection behind him.

Charlie licked the palm of his free hand and ran it over the head of Don's cock as his other hand pumped the shaft faster.

The impact was immediate.

Don's body tensed in his arms, fingers twisted in the bedspread as he spasmed and came hard under Charlie's unrelenting hands.

Gasping, he let Charlie bear his weight for a moment as he leaned back against him bonelessly, then finally straightened and sat up on his own.

"Shit..." He rose and stumbled the few steps into the adjoining bathroom, emerging a moment later with a damp washcloth he tossed to Charlie.

"Thanks." Charlie wiped his hands and tossed the washcloth in the hamper as Don went back into the bathroom again. He got up and headed for the door, unlocking it and opening it a few inches before it suddenly closed again.

Don's hand was on the door and once he closed it, he turned the lock again.

"Where did you think you were going?" he said in a low voice.

"Uh, well..." Charlie made an awkward gesture towards the hallway. "I was going to go to my room."

"Not just yet." Don ran a hand down the front of Charlie's pants, cupping the bulge there. "We're not done." Don leaned in, pressing Charlie's body up against the door with his own, and ravished his neck.

"Oh, God..." Charlie stiffened as Don rubbed him through his pants, hands gripping his brother's biceps as if he needed something to hold on to.

"I'm not the only one who needs to get out of his head," Don growled in his ear. He unzipped Charlie's pants and thrust his hand inside his boxers.

"Don, please..." Still pinned, Charlie could barely move save the tiny desperate thrusts of his hips into Don's hand.

Don stroked him roughly, licking and biting his way across his brother's strong jaw line.

"Come for me," he commanded, squeezing his hand tighter just before he bit down on the soft juncture between neck and shoulder.

A wordless cry erupted from Charlie as he shuddered through his intense release.

Drained, he went limp, with Don the only thing holding him up.

After taking a moment to breathe, Charlie nodded to Don who released him, following him to the bathroom where they cleaned up silently side by side.

"Think you can sleep?" Don asked quietly as they headed back into the bedroom.

"Yeah," Charlie said gratefully. "You?"

Don nodded. "I think so." He took off his pants and pulled down the covers to get into bed. "Why don't you stay?" he asked, cocking his head towards the bed.

"Okay," Charlie replied with a bashful smile. He headed for the other side of the bed, stripped down to his boxers and climbed in next to Don.

There was a few seconds of awkwardness, then Charlie took one of Don's hands and began to rub it.

"What are you doing?" Don asked.

"I didn't get to finish this part before. I told you I wanted to do your hands later."

Don just relaxed and let Charlie massage his hand and wrist, an errant yawn escaping from time to time.

After a while Charlie switched to the other hand and Don was having trouble keeping his eyes open.

"Feels good," he murmured. "Relaxing."

"Good. I hope it helps you sleep."

When Charlie finished he laid Don's hand down on his chest. Don lay still, his breathing regular. Charlie rolled over away from Don and curled up on his side.

"Where'd you go?" Don muttered sleepily. He shifted over towards Charlie's side of the bed, nestled up behind him and wrapped an arm around his waist.

"I'm right here," Charlie assured him, settling down into Don's warm embrace. "Sleep..."

Don pressed a kiss into his brother's curls.

"You did good, buddy," Don murmured. "I'm proud of you."

Overwhelmed, Charlie took a minute to respond.


A happy smile graced his face as he finally succumbed to the pull of sleep.

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