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Numb3rs Fic: Dinner and Dessert

Written for eppescest Summer Porn Challenge – Identity Crisis
Crossposted to numb3rs_slash

Title: Dinner and Dessert
Pairing/Characters: Don/Charlie
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Identity Crisis
Summary: After the batting cages Don and Charlie enjoy a special dinner at home
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Charlie's fingers curled into the chain link fence as he watched Don hit almost every ball that entered the strike zone. Mentally doing the stats, he could tell Don was doing better than expected at low and outside pitches, letting a few less than obvious balls pass him by.

Charlie's eyes followed the line of Don's body as he swung, followed through, then returned to prep for the next pitch. The fluid motion - the pure physics - of Don's muscles were a joy to watch.

Especially when he thought no one else was around, because the view from behind Don was always appealing. Thinking about the firm round ass beneath the clothes made Charlie impatient to leave, to get Don away from the world where they were just brothers.

"You should let me sneak you into the Biomechanics lab some night at Cal Sci. We could run your swing through the motion capture data analysis program."

Don turned around and flashed him a blinding smile, eyes crinkling up at the sides.

"Sure, once you can prove to me that thing improved your golf swing," he teased.

Charlie laughed out loud - a pure clear sound, free of worry. It was a beautiful day out, Don was finally going back to baseball and they had the whole rest of the weekend before them with no obligations.

"Hey, what do you say about getting dinner at Daulton's and bringing it home to eat?"

Don smacked what would surely be a home run in a real diamond and watched it fly, grinning, before stepping out of the batter's box and coming over to the fence.

"You don't want to eat there?" he asked, his fingers curling in the chain link just close enough to Charlie's fingers that he could surreptitiously brush against them - a tiny sign of public affection.

"I kind of feel like staying in," Charlie said, keeping his voice low for more than one reason.

Don's sly smile matched his own.

"They open at five. We could head over there from here and be first in..."

"I like how you think," Charlie said.

"That's my line," Don tossed back. "I'll be done in a few more minutes. Call them and see if they answer. Maybe they'll let us place our order in advance so it's ready when we show up."

"Even better."

Charlie stepped away from the noisy cages and made the call, quickly arranging for their favorite dishes and a nice dessert to share. By the time he returned Don was heading out of the cage, looking tired but happy.

"That felt good," he said, nodding to himself.

"I bet a massage later will feel better," Charlie whispered in his ear.

"You seem to have quite the evening planned," Don said, pretending to be suspicious. "Do I have to worry that you're going to stuff me full of gourmet food, ply me with alcohol and then tell me you're pregnant?" he mocked.

This time Charlie's laugh rang out loud enough that heads turned throughout the cages.

"Don't worry," he threw back, "I'll make sure you're not completely stuffed."

Don chortled and threw a casual arm around his neck as they headed for the car.

"All I can say is, it better be mine."


After swinging by the restaurant to pick up their order, Charlie took it into the kitchen of Don's apartment to unpack while Don took a quick shower.

Charlie had the table mostly set when Don emerged, hair still damp, wearing just the red silk pajama bottoms Charlie had bought him the month before.

"What, you don't dress for dinner?" Charlie scoffed playfully, setting out Don's good china.

"Who says I didn't?" Don nestled up behind Charlie, fitting their bodies together as his arm wrapped around Charlie's waist. He bent to kiss his neck, pulling aside his hair to reach the sensitive area behind his ear.

"Mmm..." Charlie melted against him. "You're making it hard to remember how much better Daulton's tastes when you don't have to reheat it first."

"Good point." Don turned Charlie's chin towards him and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. "Dinner first..." He kissed him again, only this time taking the time to show the desire simmering beneath. "Then dessert..."

Charlie smiled in agreement.

"Can you open the wine? I'll be right back."

As Don busied himself with his task Charlie ducked into the bedroom, stripped completely and put on a short blue silk robe he'd stashed in the back of Don's closet.

Don looked up from pouring the wine as Charlie emerged from the other room.

"I was wondering when that would make an appearance," he said, putting the wine bottle aside. He pulled Charlie in close, slipping his hands beneath the short hem to cup his ass. "You're going to make it very hard to get through this dinner, aren't you?" he asked, gnawing on Charlie's full lower lip.

"I was going to say the same thing to you," Charlie replied, letting his fingers run through Don's chest hair. "But let's see if we can get at least part way through the entrée so we have some fuel to run on."

"Deal." Don chuckled as he released him. "So let's eat."


Dinner was relaxed, unhurried, despite the constant undercurrent of their mutual attraction.

The sun set as they finished up their main course so Charlie lit the luminarias they'd bought on a weekend trip to Mexico and set them up around the room rather than turn on any lights.

After the dinner dishes were cleared away and the wine was done, Charlie brought out dessert. It was a silky flan with buttery caramel sauce he'd warmed on the stove. They shared spoonfuls of the luxurious custard and made their kisses sweet with sugar.

As the flan disappeared, their desire for each other grew. Their actions started as flirtatious then escalated to seduction. Don's tongue chased the caramel flavor into Charlie's mouth, while Charlie thrilled as Don sucked his fingers into his mouth after dragging them through the sticky sauce.

Don's hands skimmed just under the edges of the blue silk robe, ghosting over Charlie's thighs. Charlie slid a bare leg against Don's silk encased one, enjoying the cool glide of the fine fabric against his skin.

Don stole the last bite off Charlie's spoon, so Charlie attacked Don's mouth with vigor, attempting to regain a hint of the flavor he'd lost, going so far as to crawl into Don's lap to get closer.

With Charlie straddling his thighs Don finally threw aside any restraint and let his hands roam wantonly. He grasped Charlie's ass under the robe and pulled him against him, relishing the feel of their awakening erections separated only by slippery silk.

Charlie slid his hand between them and rubbed Don's cock to full hardness first from the outside, then slipping his hand inside the loosened pajama bottoms to free it from its confines.

He leaned in and whispered in Don's ear, his tone warm and sensual with more than a hint of urgency to it.

"I want you to fuck me," he breathed. "Right here, right now."

With an impatient growl, Don swept his arm across the table, clearing space before he stood - picking up Charlie in his arms and depositing him on his back on the table.

He tore off the sash of the robe and threw it open, baring Charlie's naked frame to his voracious eyes. He lowered his mouth to Charlie's skin, kissing and licking hungrily. He dragged two fingers through the last of the caramel sauce and painted it onto Charlie's nipples, sucking it off as Charlie moaned in appreciation.

Charlie's head fell to the side and his eyes caught sight of the condiments left on the table. He reached for the bottle of olive oil and brought it closer.

Don's tongue licked a line down to his navel before he enveloped Charlie's cock in the warmth of his mouth.

Charlie's hands drifted into Don's hair as mumbled noises of encouragement fell unconsciously from his lips.

Don straightened up and grabbed the olive oil, drizzling it over Charlie's cock then spreading the oil liberally as he stroked him.

Charlie's entire body responded, arching up and subtly thrusting into Don's fist.

Don pulled his hand back and poured oil into it, coating his own cock liberally. His slick hand slipped between the spheres of Charlie's ass and he slid a finger inside, making Charlie gasp aloud as Don's other hand went back to pumping his cock.

"Is this what you wanted?" Don asked, enjoying watching the delicious torment he was inflicting on his brother.

"Don, please..." Charlie begged, wrapping his legs around Don's waist and trying to pull him in.

Don removed his legs from his waist and lifted them up against his body so his feet were over his shoulders. Breathing heavily with desire and impatience, he lined up his cock and pressed in all at once, groaning as the tight heat overcame him.

Charlie's hands tightened into fists as he gripped the tablecloth beneath him.

After a second to adjust, Don started to drive into him, unerringly hitting the sweet spot inside of him each time. He held Charlie's legs up as he plunged inside repeatedly, speeding up as the sense of urgency took over.

"Oh, yeah..." Don's head fell back for a moment as Charlie writhed beneath him, pining for release.

Charlie's quiet noises grew louder as Don encircled his cock in his fist and started pumping him again. Ecstasy wrenched through him and he stiffened, riding out the waves of bliss wrought by the dual sensations overwhelming his body.

Frantically pummeling him, Don finally exploded with a near shout, his body going taut as he came hard deep inside his brother's body.

Charlie lay limp, spread across the table happily holding up Don's dead weight on top of him.

As his breathing returned to normal his fingers drifted across Don's bare back, drawing delicate arcs across the flushed and cooling skin.

"Yeah..." he finally managed. "That was exactly what I had in mind."

"Well, you are the genius," Don said, still catching his breath. "The only problem is..." he rose up to hover over Charlie, passing his thumb over his full mouth in lieu of a kiss, "it's still early and we have plenty of hours to kill before bedtime. What do you say to that?"

Charlie offered him a devilish grin.

"I say that showers tend to take a while with both of us in there together..." Charlie sucked Don's thumb into his mouth suggestively before releasing it, taking hold of Don's hand so his moist thumb painted a line down his jaw, down his neck and between his pecs. "And I did promise you a massage..."

Don leaned down to bring his lips to Charlie's, stopping tantalizingly short of the mark so their breath mingled while their carnal interests flared anew.

"Like I said... Genius..."

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