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The Darkest Corners - The Writings of Emma DeMarais

(No Minors Allowed)

Emma DeMarais
The Darkest Corners

Author Statement:

I am fascinated by the human psyche and how it reacts to what society considers to be on the fringes of acceptability. My writings are designed to invoke responses from individuals and make them think about their reactions and preconceived notions, perhaps for the first time.

Why do certain topics turn our stomachs and other titillate? How is it possible that sometimes those things are one in the same? What is truly indecent and what appeal might the realm of indecency hold?

I welcome participation in and feedback on this journey into the darkest corners...

Fic Fandoms:

Criminal Minds
The Unit
Blood Ties
Doctor Who
Burn Notice
The Mentalist
White Collar
Lie to Me
Covert Affairs
Hawaii Five-0
Fairy Tales

Bonus - Angel (Heroes Crossover only), Buffy (Heroes Crossover only), His Dark Materials/The Golden Compass (Crossover Only)

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